Talk Back: Freddie Gray
Do you think Baltimore authorities are right to treat Freddie Gray's death as a homicide?

(Tell us why or why not?)

( Dan Honda )
Oakland cleaning up after vandals hit Auto Row

On Saturday, broken glass and boarded-up windows dotted Auto Row along Broadway, where business owners were cleaning up damage left by vandals during a nighttime protest that spun into chaos. 
Drummond: Will Oakland finally get a real public safety plan?

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has assembled a planning group to develop a violence prevention blueprint for the city.  
Brown's charities rake in cash

California does not put limits on 'behested payments' -- allowing special interests to give to politicians at will.
(José Carlos Fajardo)
How rabid Warriors fan loyalty developed

How did Snoracle become Roaracle? How did 8,000 empty seats become a waiting list for season tickets that runs 10,000 deep? 
Oakland: Peaceful May Day protests give way to evening mayhem

After a day of peaceful May Day protests, with hundreds of people gathering at rallies across the Bay Area, a Friday evening march in Oakland saw multiple demonstrators smashing multiple vehicles and setting at least one car on fire at several dealerships on Oakland's Auto Row. 
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Mountain View to 'play Solomon' with Google, LinkedIn expansion plans

Google's proposal for a canopied tech campus for 10,000 workers could be cut by as much as 70 percent, while a proposal by LinkedIn could be built in its entirety, according to a recommendation by Mountain View planners.