Talk Back: California drought
Do you think California has done enough to address current drought conditions?

(Tell us why or why not?)

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More Californians call drought 'extremely serious'

A Field Poll released today showed that 76 percent of registered California voters call the state's water situation 'extremely serious,' up from 66 percent in May. 
Reggie McKenzie
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Kawakami: Reggie is their best option

Hat tip to my pal Brad Gilbert for raising this issue to me this morning on two flashpoints for our Bay Area NFL franchises, and that would be Raider GM Reggie McKenzie and 49ers GM Trent Baalke. 
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UC scandal: Colleagues urge prof's dismissal

BERKELEY -- The colleagues of pioneering astronomer Geoff Marcy at UC Berkeley are calling for his dismissal after news surfaced that the university found him responsible for sexually harassing female students, but allowed him to continue in his position. 
Review: Barcote on Telegraph Ave., Oakland

The eatery operated by co-owners and chefs Mulu Reda and Fikrte Tequame employs tasty food and a welcoming atmosphere in its quest to gain a foothold in an area already featuring several Ethiopian restaurants. 
Livermore: Las Positas cadaver program gives powerful anatomy lesson

Over the course of each semester, more than 100 anatomy students, most of them working toward careers in health care, will watch demonstration dissections and examine the dissected cadaver. The use of student dissectors teaching other students makes this program extraordinary, says instructor Ann Hight, Ph.D. 
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Warriors fire back against 'they were lucky' chatter

Golden State Warriors are finally having to stoop down to the level of haters who don't consider them worthy NBA champs. 
Twitter to lay off up to 336 employees worldwide

Twitter plans to lay off up to 336 people, slashing about 8 percent of its workforce worldwide, the tech firm announced Tuesday.