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Colin Kaepernick's 'Against All Odds' tournament offers reality check

06/29/2015 02:41 PM PDT
MODESTO – All the concerns from the 49ers' turbulent offseason went on hold Monday for Colin Kaepernick. 
Watch: Last piece of Candlestick Park upper deck comes crashing down
06/29/2015 04:38 PM PDT - For 55 years, Candlestick Park was home to many glorious times -- not to mention some frigid evenings. But now the windy ballpark is early just a memory as the last piece of the upper deck of former home of the 49ers and Giants was torn down to make way for a mixed-use commercial and residential development. Watch the final moments of Candlestick caught on video.


(Courtesy of Virginia and Bill Loewe)
Stars align to bring family, kitten together

It shouldn't have happened, but one lucky kitten was rescued by just the right family at just the right time.