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Alameda: Hardware store to mark golden anniversary

Now owner Michael Jaber wants to thank all those customers for their support during the 50 years his family has owned the store at Encinal and Versailles avenues. Jaber and his brother Philip, who operates Versailles Pharmacy inside the hardware store, are throwing a party Oct. 10 to celebrate the golden anniversary. It will feature food, balloons, and maybe a raffle or two. 
Labor leaders have slipped through the state Legislature a bill eroding a key requirement of Jerry Brown's 2012 pension law, which was designed to ensure workers pay a fair share of their retirement costs. The governor must veto SB 292 and send a clear message that he won't backtrack on what he has touted as one of his major legislative accomplishments.  
You can walk through a 5-acre field looking for Indian corn and popcorn and take home a share of what you harvest (bring your own bag). Other attractions will include magic shows, cider pressing, old-time music and historic craft demonstrations. Ardenwood's train will be on track, the pumpkin patch will be open, and docents will lead tours of the park's historic Patterson House.  
Kristopher Skinner
"The fear is palpable," said Catherine Pauling of the Alameda Renters Coalition, which organized the demonstration. "There's fear in the community. It's the first of October. How many tenants are experiencing a rent increase today?"  
Jon Kawamoto
Full of variety, the 2016 season includes: "Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical" (Jan. 15 -- Feb. 21); "The Gin Game" (March 11 - April 10); "The Light in the Piazza" (May 6 - June 12); "The Book of Liz" (Aug. 12 - Sept. 11); Our Town (Oct. 7 - Nov. 13); and "The Taffetas" (Nov. 25 - Dec. 18). David has also added two shows for the summer both by Alameda playwrights: a world premiere "The First Supper" by Karen Schiff (June 16 - 26) and "Playing My Hand" by Rachel LePell (July 8-17).  
Once known as Site "B" and now called the Enterprise District, the area where city officials hope to attract commercial developers is between Main Street and Central Avenue and borders what is known as the Seaplane Lagoon. Pacific Avenue cuts through its center. The goal is to attract developers who create large commercial projects considered major sales tax generators.  
Developer Ron Cowan wants to move the club at 200 Packet Landing Road to a new facility on North Loop Road in the Harbor Bay Business Park, saying it will better serve members. But Harbor Bay Neighbors, a citizens group, wants the club to stay at its current location and maintain it was built to serve nearby residents.  
Kerr served on the council between 1996 and 2004, taking office just a year before the Alameda Naval Air Station closed and going on to help lead the city as it struggled to find ways to convert the site into civilian use.  
Jon Kawamoto
Director Clay David has been busy researching New Jersey architecture to give the set the appropriate ambience and creating a myriad fun props and set pieces for this popular show, the first in a series about the good Sisters of Hoboken. Since the show's inception in 1985, a large number of stars, including Peggy Cass, Phyllis Diller, Lee Meriwether and Sally Struthers, have donned the nun's habit.  
Suddenly, the seemingly lethargic fish goes into a temper tantrum -- leaping, flapping, snapping. I grab the top of my jig, protruding from his lip, and dislodge the hook. His jaws snap shut, tearing the trailer worm in half. My fingers are 1/32nd of an inch from his mouth. My heart is pounding. How could I forget that halibut teeth are lethal, and halibut go ballistic out of the water? I paddle back.