Berkeley police historical collection showcases "father of modern law enforcement"

The collection, under the care of retired Berkeley police Sgt. Michael Holland, includes handcuffs, guns, lie detectors and other law enforcement paraphernalia, a trove of documents and photos, and many memories of August Vollmer, Berkeley's first police chief who instituted many reforms that appear visionary a century later.  
Outspoken talk-show host Bill Maher appeared Saturday at UC Berkeley's December graduation, greeted by a handful of silent demonstrators protesting the comedian's statements about Islam. Maher delivered the keynote speech at the commencement ceremony, where about 500 students were honored.  
A 20-year-old man was found dead near UC Berkeley early Saturday in what police are calling a suspicious death.  
University of California President Janet Napolitano has been appointed as a tenured faculty member at UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy.  
Mayor Tom Bates says Berkeley police, whom many residents have accused of unnecessary violence, on the whole acted admirably during recent protests but that purported misconduct should be investigated.  
Although new local control accountability plans required by the state are a good first step toward engaging with and informing the public about how money is spent in school districts throughout the state, the Education Trust-West student advocacy group recommends several improvements to make them easier to understand.  
Saturday will mark the 50th day that Defenders of the Berkeley Post Office have occupied a tent in front of the landmark building  
Canada's second-largest city, like other cities in Canada, does not have taxation authority, so the provincial government would have to step in; beverage industry favors voluntary calorie-reduction program  
Four armed carjacking suspects, including three juveniles, were arrested and a gun was recovered Thursday night in East Oakland after the suspects unsuccessfully tried to hide in yards following three different vehicle pursuits, one at near 100 mph, police said Friday.  
Early last Saturday, as students prepared for finals, two effigies were discovered hanging from UC Berkeley's famous Sather Gate. They were cardboard cutouts of blown-up photos: a black man and a black woman with the words "I can't breathe" stenciled across them.