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Tri-Valley: 'Suburbia' photographer unveils new book, 'Cars'

The documentary tome's acclaimed technique is evident in Owens' latest work. 
Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group
City has elaborate plan to prevent gridlock like last year  
Michael Lucia/Bay Area News Group archive
BART's underground station restrooms closed since 9/11 attacks 14 years ago remain closed due to security concern and high cost of opening them. Some directors say they're equally essential for all stations.  
Doug Duran
For the 15th year, children from all over the country with rare and life-threatening skin diseases visited the weeklong Camp Wonder in Livermore to swim, play games, dance and commiserate with others just like them.  
Fire officials said they were able to save four or five homes, including that of Kirsty Governor, who said flames came within 10 feet of her house on Tesla Road. But she lost her barn, well and pump house.  
A new center at a cemetery for humans to open later this year offers animal cremations and burial sites.  
Doug Duran, Bay Area News Group
Alameda County calls them safety measures, but residents living along Tesla Road outside of Livermore say proposed changes to the roadway will only cause more cut-through traffic.  
Nathaniel Jackson
As soon as Lost Worlds Adventures started advertising their facility on Patterson Pass road, everyone I knew alerted me with constant status updates. And Open Heart Kitchen (OHK) is launching its 2015 Summer Box Lunch Program on Thursday.  
Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department
No one was injured in a Livermore vegetation fire that caused $500,000 in damages Monday afternoon.  
Nathaniel Jackson
Paying tribute to men like Bob Juniper, who serve the country and the community, will be part of this year's July Fourth celebration. So, before you head out to fireworks at the fair or barbecues by the pool, grab a blanket and head down to Wayside Park to meaningfully celebrate our country's 239th birthday.  
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Stars align to bring family, kitten together

It shouldn't have happened, but one lucky kitten was rescued by just the right family at just the right time.