Oakland: Two reputed gang members convicted of murder in 2012 shooting

OAKLAND -- Two reputed gang members were convicted Monday of one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder for their part in a wild shootout at a birthday party in East Oakland three years ago that claimed one man's life. 
Pittsburg police are investigating the suspected murder of a 28-year-old Oakland man, who was found with fatal gunshot wounds Saturday night, a police captain said.  
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A man fatally shot last week by a police officer he was reportedly attacking with a chain was identified Monday as Yonas Alehegne, 30, a transient recently convicted on charges related to a goose killing near Lake Merritt and with terrorizing a woman at a homeless shelter.  
The resignation of Jeff Scott, who came to the top post less than a year ago, comes on the heels of almost two months of rallies, speak outs and letter writing in opposition to his policies -- especially targeting his methods of "weeding" books and materials from the system's collection -- on the part of community members and library staff.  
Both men were shot in East Oakland Sunday night, one during a robbery and the other by a drive-by gunman while the victim was working on his car.  
BART police arrested a man for public drunkenness, a parole violation and warrants this afternoon on a BART train at the 19th Street station in Oakland, police said.  
"We think our audiences will love this show," said director Joel Schlader, an Alameda resident. "It's a big, epic story with lots of compelling characters in thrilling situations. And Elton John's music is a wonderful pastiche of different musical styles ranging from pop to gospel to African and Indian."  
PG&E crews responded to the scene near 10th Avenue and the Embarcadero close to the Oakland Estuary.  
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