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Alameda: New school year, new experiences at Lum Elementary

It was the start of a new school year at Lum Elementary School in Alameda, which has a new principal, Lawrence Gotanco, who was busy welcoming students on Monday. 
The City Council will consider approving two potential developers to build a portion of the future "Waterfront Town Center" at Alameda Point when it meets Tuesday, a key step that will set the stage for city officials to begin negotiations toward recommending the final candidate.  
A longtime real estate broker, Monsef served on the Alameda City Council for six years.  
"Rolling Back the Ages" will feature food, a DJ and dance contest, a raffle and other activities.  
Alameda has experienced offensive line, deep running back crew  
Officers found the marijuana after they arrested him for driving with a suspended license and searched the vehicle before towing it, Alameda police said.  
Alameda Peeps, an online group that shares messages via Facebook, got many of its 2,500 members to shop at Dan's Produce and JP Seafood on Central Avenue at Oak Street on Sunday afternoon.  
Previous lists have included: the greatest Americans; the best presidents and the worst presidents; best film actors and actresses (Gregory Peck heads the men, Meryl Streep the women); heroes and heroines (Chesley Sullenberger was added recently); top heavyweight boxing champions (Joe Louis leads here); and our most intelligent presidents -- Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover are out in front on that one.  
The tank was removed from the Carriage House to provide a meeting room for educational purposes and to create a space that caterers could use to prepare and stage food for weddings and other events at the Meyers House in Alameda.  
With one exception, this is essentially the same measure that narrowly failed to garner the needed two-thirds voter approval in 2012. We agree that funding our transportation systems is critical for the region's economy. But that doesn't justify open-ended taxation with no regard for the trade-offs.  
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Man caves grow up

Plus, the height of selfie hubris, and Titanic II without the iceberg thing.