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Should local governments spend public money on a new stadium to keep the Raiders?

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Alameda: Bay Farm celebrates Dr. Seuss with all-out birthday bash

Bay Farm Elementary School held its annual "Seussical Birthday Bash" on Monday, complete with reading events, a pajama day, green eggs and ham, webinars with other schools, VIPs from the school district and Alameda Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer. 
The project at 2100 Clement Ave. calls for 12 triplexes and 46 row houses, with each home having an attached two-car garage. An additional 21 guest parking spots are also proposed, as well as a 4,300-square-foot park that would be maintained by a future homeowners association.  
The new station will replace Fire Station 3 at 1709 Grand St., which firefighters vacated 15 years ago because it was deemed seismically unsafe. The emergency center will be built next to the new station and could be used by first responders to coordinate relief efforts after an earthquake or other major disaster.  
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They also viewed the film "Selma" at the Grand Lake Theatre and discussed past and current civil rights issues with three veteran activists.  
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The daylong event on Feb. 20 was a first in ACLC's 20-year history, and included interactive workshops, information sessions with local speakers, and an opening keynote presentation from Scott Backovich, a well-known youth motivational speaker.  
Laura A. Oda
Police say the suspect was using two stolen motors to power a sailboat and skiff, which he used to do burglaries of boats and businesses along the Oakland Estuary.  
We must remain vigilant and keep training staff, students and families to be prepared and resilient so that we meet our goal of providing safe and secure learning environments for the community we serve.  
At its Feb. 24 meeting, the Board of Education voted 5-0 to renovate the two high schools. Staff had recommended this course of action due to: the expense of building a new high school; the lack of funds and land for such a large school; and strong community preference for maintaining two schools.  
It will take place at 11 a.m. at Shoreline and Westline drives near the Boardsports School. Mayor Trish Spencer and Bike Walk Alameda representative Lucy Gigli will speak before the ribbon cutting.  
The man, 30, was also drunk, police said. The incident was reported about 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 25, police said.  
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'Being Mary Jane': Gabrielle Union relishes a career high point

Losing the role of Olivia Pope on 'Scandal' 'happened for a reason,' says Pleasanton native, who also talks of how Whitney Houston's death altered her focus. 
Update: Harrison Ford plane crash injuries 'moderate'; engine failure cited

The “Star Wars” actor crash-landed a small vintage plane on a Venice Beach golf course. Reports say he was taken to a hospital with bloody gashes on his head.