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Alameda residents come together to aid arson victims

Alamedans came together for a pancake breakfast Sunday at the Elks Lodge for the American Red Cross to help the city's arson victims.  
Of the 103 members of the Young People's Symphony Orchestra, many come from communities and schools across the East Bay: Three musicians are from Alameda, eight from Albany, 15 from Berkeley, one from El Cerrito, three from Piedmont and 10 from Oakland.  
The fifth-graders from Maya Lin School, a magnet school in the Alameda Unified School District that emphasizes arts integration, inquiry-based learning and professional collaboration, visited the designer, architect and writer Maya Lin at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, where she currently has an exhibit.  
The truck was originally owned by Owsley Stanley, an early sound man for the Grateful Dead who known for manufacturing and promoting LSD.  
The 15th annual Alameda Fire Department Local 689 Pumpkin Give-Away occurred Oct. 22 at Franklin Park, and more than 850 pumpkins were given to youth in Alameda.  
Alameda business owners Joe Dalipe of Island Print Express on Santa Clara Avenue and Christopher Tam of All Good Living on Alameda Avenue have designed T-shirts and posters that people can purchase to help the arson victims.  
What concerned the Alameda Planning Board was exactly how the Del Monte development plan, which calls for a variety of options for residents to purchase or lease parking spots, will work in the event that a renter does not own a vehicle or if an owner wants to sell their spot.  
Faces are sad on Berkeley's University Avenue: Kitty the cat, the official greeter and chief morale officer at Darling Flower Shop, was put to sleep Oct.  
Vote for Gilmore and developmentToday's economic and technological advances have brought us one of the most exciting economic growth periods the Bay Area has ever experienced.  
"We are grateful to share Alameda's success with the rest of the state in order to help transform more communities," said Dave Snyder, executive director of the Sacramento-based California Bicycle Coalition, who presented Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore and several members of City Council with a certificate of recognition, along with other bike advocates.