Talk Back: Taxes
Do you think the U.S. system of taxing is fair?

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Bicycle theft suspect caught on camera stealing at Newark high school

Police need the public's help in identifying a man who stole bikes from Newark Memorial High School on April 10. 
( Nhat V. Meyer )
San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings not the friendliest rivalry

Sharks-Kings tensions intensified by two questionable hits in past 12 months and three Stanley Cup playoff series in past four years.

Torres could play in opener

Sharks-Kings matchup

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Fired Yahoo exec gets $58 million for 15 months of work

Yahoo's recently fired chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro, left the Internet company with a severance package of $58 million even though he lasted just 15 months on the job.  
(Michael Yarish)
'Survivor' recap: Did someone say blindside?

Yet another rock-solid alliance crumbles.