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  • Dodgers acquire Peralta from Rays - 11/21/2014 01:27 PM PST
  • MLB Calendar - 11/19/2014 01:04 PM PST
    A's name new assistant general manager

    11/24/2014 04:59 PM PST
    Oakland A's have hired Dan Kantrovitz to oversee statistical analysis; he spent previous three seasons in St. Louis Cardinals' organization. 

    (Dana Edelson/NBC)
    Wednesday's TV picks: 'Saturday Night Live' -- give us Adam Sandler's 'Turkey Song'

    Plus, let's hear a chorus of 'Oh, Lucy,' as one of our favorite Peanuts characters yanks the old football away from Charlie Brown on the Thanksgiving classic. 
    (Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Getty Images)
    Bette Midler to Ariana Grande: Clean up your act

    The veteran entertainer complains in an interview that young singers rely too much on selling sex instead of talent.