A Heavy Burden
Twenty-one-year-old Marquis Jones shoulders a heavier burden than most people ever will. Of his nearly 40 family and friends who have been killed, primarily to gun violence, the loss of his sister and best friend have had the most profound effect on him.

Info graphic: Oakland Homicides 2013 Map  

Civicorps in Oakland offers high school dropouts a second chance
The school hits the young adults hard with a combination of academics, life skills and work experience to set them on their way. 

Mindset of the madness: Mack God rules the streets
In 2010, Oakland had more than 500 separate shootings -- more than one per day, every day, for weeks and months on end. Some involved so deeply in street life that experts say they have slipped into a kind of alternate reality in which the rules the rest of society lives by don't apply 

An Oakland family still grieves over the loss of two sons
"For a mother to lose her child from a violent death, it's another kind of cry," Angeleter Pringle said. "It's a cry that comes from so deep within, it's like someone's gutted you like a fish." 

Gradually, Oakland a less deadly place
09/30/2011 10:09 AM PDT - The perception of many, especially those who live outside Oakland, is that violence and death lurk around every corner. Those who live here know this to be untrue, but understand that Oakland sees far too much violent crime for a city its size. 

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An Indonesian governor wants to stop adultery with prayer

An Indonesian governor said Wednesday he has ordered all civil servants in a central province to attend mass prayer sessions and religious sermons in a bid to stop adultery. Full Story