PLEASANTON -- The City Council is asking local residents to voluntarily cut their water use 20 percent, becoming the latest Northern California water agency to push for conservation in the drought.

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously declared a stage 1 local water emergency to pave the way for voluntary reductions.

A 20 percent cut would lower the average Pleasanton household's use by 46 gallons a day, from 229 to 183 gallons per day, according to a city report.

The council asked the city's 70,000 residents to limit outdoor watering to once a week or less, water landscaping at night, to fix leaks, take shorter showers and turn off the water when brushing teeth or shaving.

Pleasanton's primary wholesale water supplier, the Zone 7 Water Agency, has been told it will get none of its state water allocation this year from the State Water Project.

Pleasanton has set up a water conservation hot line at 925-931-5504 for local residents to call to get advice or answers to questions about saving water. For conservation information and free low-flow showerheads, Pleasanton residents are urged to visit

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