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Bhutan: A Journey from Conflict
Part I: Exiled from their homeland, Bhutanese refugees find new homes in the East Bay
Bishnu Maya Mainali wondered if her sons were right about California, but it was too late to fret. She would find out soon enough. At the end of the road, outside the barbed-wire gates, a bus waited to take her away from the refugee camp that had been home for 18 years. It was time to go to Oakland.

Slide show: The Mainali Family Journey

Video: The Mainali family journey Part I and II  

Bhutanese refugees say they will teach newborn daughter about her heritage while allowing her to choose own path  
As they prepared for the biggest international event ever to be held in Bhutan, leaders of the secluded mountain kingdom asked their people for help.  
Indra Bahadur Karki, now an Oakland high school student, says his family's struggles are his source of inspiration.  
The refugee camp is a memory. Now, a family arrives -- with the chance to test the promise of America.

Bhutan: A Journey from Conflict

Of all the wonders the Mainali family hoped to experience in the Bay Area, salvation through a newfound faith in Jesus Christ was not on the list. Then the family matriarch, Bishnu Mainali, discovered a Baptist church in Alameda and listened each Sunday to the scripture and sermons. The Bhutanese refugee tried to convince her Hindu family it was time to be saved.