Wolverton: New version of Mac OS X offers welcome tweaks

OS X El Capitan, the new version of the software underlying Apple's Mac computers, isn't terribly ambitious, but it still offers some compelling new features.
In a true clash of the Silicon Valley titans, a Tesla Model S crashed into one of Google's self-driving SUVs this summer, according to data released this week by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  
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Magid: Surface laptops challenge Apple

Microsoft introduced a new laptop at a New York press conference on Tuesday that's getting a lot of buzz. Microsoft calls it the 'ultimate laptop.' 
Self-driving buses coming to Bishop Ranch

A fleet of self-driving buses will be shuttling workers around a sprawling East Bay office park next year, the latest evidence that robot vehicles are swiftly moving from science fiction to reality. 
50 facts about the ticket industry

With Super Bowl 50 coming to Santa Clara in just a few months, we look at the ticket craze that surrounds these sorts of events as well as other facts about the ticket industry that most people probably don't know. 
LOS ANGELES -- What was he thinking? Jerry Seinfeld could have picked anywhere to make his hit show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  
eleaguered insurer Blue Shield of California won state approval for its $1.2-billion acquisition of a Medicaid health plan, but the nonprofit company's deal with regulators drew heavy criticism.
  • Peet's buying Stumptown Coffee Roasters - 10/07/2015 06:45 AM PDT
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    Living like 'The Golden Girls': Shared housing for seniors a practical option

    Home-sharing that includes splitting expenses, divvying up chores and keeping each other company has become an increasingly popular option for older single people who want to maintain independence, yet don't want to live alone.