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Review: 5 annoyances that Windows 10 fixes

Windows 8 was Microsoft's way of modernizing personal computers, as smartphones and tablets grew more popular. But it came across as trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. With Windows 10, everyone gets along. There are still separate desktop and tablet modes, but you largely stick with one or the other depending on whether you have a keyboard.  
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Facebook on Wednesday said it raked in $4 billion in sales and earned 25 cents per share, which was higher than Wall Street expected. But the company's expenses have also been growing fast, bringing down its profit in the second quarter.  
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Magid: Plenty to like in Windows 10

Many PC users will be happy with some of the other new features in Windows 10 such as Cortana, the voice-controlled (Siri-like) virtual assistant and Microsoft Edge, the new browser that is replacing the aging Microsoft Internet Explorer. 
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Chevron cutting 500 jobs in San Ramon

Oil giant Chevron is cutting 500 jobs from its headquarters in San Ramon as part of a global effort to slash costs by $1 billion, according to a spokeswoman for the company. 
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Honda unveils 2016 Accord in Silicon Valley

Skipping typical new car debut venues such as Detroit, Los Angeles and New York, Honda unveiled its latest Accord model Thursday at a high-tech research laboratory in Mountain View. Honda becomes the latest big car company to expand its Silicon Valley research division. 
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has approved $2.2 million to complete 12 hydrogen refueling stations in the Bay Area, BAAQMD officials said Wednesday.  
The next Toyota Prius will arrive just as hybrids seem to be going out of fashion. Set to debut this fall, the 2016 version of the groundbreaking green car leads a segment beset by falling gas prices and rising efficiency of conventional gasoline cars.  
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