When it came to being mentioned by the press, Google (GOOG) was the top company in 2013, just edging out rival Apple (AAPL).

An infographic by Dow Jones released this week shows the most talked about companies of 2013. Google came out on top with nearly 124,000 media mentions during the year. Apple came in second with nearly 120,500 mentions.

Google received a lot of attention in the news every single month, but its highest month of mentions came in May. That's the month the company held its developers conference.

Apple's biggest month came in September, which is no surprise considering that's when the company was most active announcing and releasing new products. Apple announced and began selling the iPhone 5S and 5C in September. That month it also released iOS 7, its first major redesign to the software used in the iPhone and the iPad.

Once again coming up short against Google and Apple is Microsoft, which was the third most mentioned company of 2013 with more than 84,000 mentions. Its busiest month was in June, when it unveiled Windows 8.1, the latest version of its computer software.

It's not until fourth place that a non-tech company, Bank of America with nearly 71,000 mentions, makes the list.