SAN FRANCISCO—Four young hikers avoided spending the night on the side of a Santa Clara County mountain thanks to a search and rescue by California Highway Patrol aircraft.

The CHP says around 5:30 p.m. Saturday they sent one of their planes to search after getting a report that three hikers had become lost while hiking on Mt. Umunhum (UHM-un-uhm).

After a CHP airplane spotted what turned out to be four hikers on the west side of the mountain, a CHP helicopter was called for because it was too late to a send in a ground crew to rescue the group.

The helicopter hoisted the four from the side of the mountain. The hikers were not hurt, but were said to be "very fatigued." The CHP did not provide their ages but described them as "juveniles." Their names were not released.

Mt. Umunhum is about 25 miles south of San Jose.