Tri-Valley letters: Backing Glazer not appropriate on editorial page

Backing Glazer not appropriate on editorial pageI read your recent editorial titled "Glazer the best choice in special senate election," your second such editorial in support of Glazer. 
Protesting with Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham, Ala., inspired Freddye Davis to advocate for equal rights.  
SAN RAMONSeniors planning benefit fashion showSAN RAMON -- The San Ramon Senior Foundation is holding a fashion show and tea party that will feature local seniors as models.  
Posada the successful restaurateur is a far cry from the high school janitor he used to be. However, he credits that job for getting him started in his current one. "I loved to cook for people, and I was good at it. One day I asked the school principal I worked for if I could cook for the staff. She said yes, and from that I got my first catering job. Then one job led to another, and it kept growing."  
Valley Humane SocietyIf Tabitha can't bewitch you with her gorgeous gaze, the 2-year-old tortie will simply reach out and grab you! She's quite the charmer.  
Working moms are an inspiring breed. With a full-time "job" as a mother, it's sometimes hard to fathom dedicating yourself to another craft. Local mom Alicia Shaffer, who lives with her husband and three kids in Livermore, may have cracked the code.  
Maria Bradfield attends breast cancer walks all over the country, sometimes to walk, sometimes to cheer while in costume from the sidelines with her famous group, Hookers with Hooters. Still, she says, there's something special about Pleasanton.  
Isn't there a saying that goes, "When life gives you lemons, open up a lemonade stand and make some money?"Lemonade stands in my neighborhood seem to be big business.  
Although the weather has announced spring's early arrival for quite some time now, the calendar says it is truly upon us. And nothing represents spring, quite like fragrant blossoms and colorful hidden eggs.  
A district is one step closer after the Alameda County Zone 7 Water agency withdrew its earlier protest against a transfer.  
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Tom Hanks' son threatens Howard Stern

Feud between rapper Chet Haze and radio host goes back four years, to when Stern questioned rapper’s credentials as the son of a Hollywood legend.