Alameda County: Hazmat crews investigate orange chemical found at Cherryland home

Alameda County firefighters are responding to reports of an unknown chemical found at a Cherryland home this morning, a fire dispatcher said. About two shovelfuls worth of an orange chemical were found at the home in the 21800 block of Princeton Street just after 10 a. 
The Alameda County coroner's bureau has released the name of a woman killed early Friday morning in a crash on eastbound Interstate Highway 580 in Castro Valley.  
Laura A. Oda
Elsewhere: San Leandro appeals attorney fees award.  
Laura A. Oda
A 25-year-old San Francisco woman was killed when Kia sedan veered into median. Three other people were injured in crashes tied to the incident.  
Southern Alameda County carpool lanes will be converted to toll express lanes, which permit solo drivers who pay  
The district has about 370 seasonal full-time and part-time paid jobs available, ideal for students. Positions include lifeguards, recreation leaders, park workers and interpretive student aides.  
Residents will pay $29.81 for an average-size cart, up from $27.29, beginning March 1. Other services added or expanded.  
Acting briefly as his own attorney at his murder and arson trial, a 20-year-old Hayward man on Tuesday promised jurors an explanation as to why he killed 58-year-old Barbara Latiolais and burned her body and Castro Valley home more than two years ago.  
No pay hike for supervisors is a good thingI cannot begin to express my relief to see that the 33 percent pay raise that four out of five of our county supervisors were requesting has been rescinded.  
It was Saturday morning and the whole family was off to the derby races! No, not the Kentucky Derby. Nothing to do with NASCAR. We were off to the Pinewood Derby races at Greenbrook Elementary School to watch our grandkids race blocks of wood.