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Dempsey, Steven East Bay Asst. Editor 925-943-8289
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Gafni, Matthias Concord reporter 925-952-5026
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Harrington, Jim Music Writer/Pop/Rock/Jazz 925-945-4717
Harrington, Theresa Mt. Diablo Unified Schools, Regional K-12 Education, curates education blog, On Assignment 925-945-4764
Harris, Harry Oakland Tribune Police/Crime reporter 510-208-6443
Hartman, Louise Valley Times Letters to the Editor/Valley Stars 925-847-2111
Hatfield, Dan Opinion Page Editor 925-977-8430
Hegarty, Peter Alameda, Montclair, Piedmont 510-748-1654
Herendeen, Lisa Lamorinda Sun/Walnut Creek Journal: On the Road/School Honors/Scouts/Military 925-945-4785, Fridays/925-847-2160
Hickey, John Oakland A's
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Inman, Cam 49ers reporter 925-977-8493
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Kurhi, Eric San Jose Breaking News 510-293-2473
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Lazzeretti, Craig Contra Costa Times Metro Editor 925-943-8318
Lefkow, Mike Deputy Sports Editor, Bay Area News Group 925-943-8149
Leung, Diamond Warriors
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McDonald, Jerry Raiders reporter 925-943-8043
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Pashelka, Curtis San Jose Sharks 925-977-8590
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Peterson, Gary News reporter 925-952-5053
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Pollard, Susan Photo 925-943-8358
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Richards, Sam Lamorinda Sun/Walnut Creek Journal Editor, Asst. City Editor 925-943-8241
Richman, Josh Regional, State and National Politics, curates the Political Blotter blog 510-208-6428
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Skinner, Kristopher Photo 925-779-7172
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White, Lisa Martinez and Pleasant Hill reporter 925-943-8011
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Wood, Mike Asst. Sports Editor 925-977-8493
Wrenn, Lisa Features Editor, Bay Area News Group 925-943-8251
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Young, Kerry System Editor 925-943-8086
Zavoral, Linda Travel Editor, Bay Area News Group 925-952-2614
( Jeffrey R. Staab )
David Letterman set trashed; Dumpster divers move in

Hours after the 'Late Show' finished taping, the crew began dismantling and throwing away iconic parts of David Letterman's set.