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Contra Costa County elections
Updated: July 21, 2015
Wife of longtime East Contra Costa pol say she's especially interested in improving access to higher education; Concord mayor says he'll emphasize higher education, public safety  
Trustees and parents from Lafayette, Piedmont and San Ramon Valley say a cap on budget reserves could hurt students and staff by preventing districts from saving to offset future cuts. Members of the Educate Our State student advocacy group said they tried to sound the alarm before voters approved Proposition 2 in November, but their pleas were overshadowed by big political muscle behind the governor-backed measure.  
West Contra Costa school district voters approved a parcel tax in 2004 to help fund programs such as athletics and to help retain teachers. Although voters renewed the tax in 2008 and 2012, one district resident questions whether changes to the ballot language should have also resulted in changes to the way the money was spent.  
League of Women Voters
The demise of the League of Women Voters of Livermore-Amador Valley represents a symptom of a nationwide issue for the league, which is struggling to stay relevant amid declining membership.  
Council will fill seat vacated by former mayor Glazer after Senate win  
Contra Costa sheriff's Sgt. Shawn Welch, president of the union, said his agency wanted to work on the "attrition and recruitment problems" involving his department, rather than wage the recall effort.  
Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group
Within minutes after it became clear that Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer -- the Democrat best known for his call to outlaw BART strikes -- had won a hotly contested East Bay State Senate seat, Democratic Party activists went right back on the attack against him on election night.  
Council votes to put measure on November ballot  
Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group
Decades ago, the East Bay suburbs were dominated by Republican voters. That's no longer the case. But that doesn't mean, as labor leaders seem to think, that the political shift has been to the Democratic left. Rather, it's been coalescence from both sides around the political middle.  
Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer cruised to victory over Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, D-Concord, in a state Senate election that tested the might of well-heeled labor and business interests and the patience of voters who endured an unrelenting bombardment of campaign mailers and phone calls.  
It's a choice between two Democrats who couldn't be more different -- one unwaveringly devoted to organized labor, the other a moderate who understands that the state can't write blank checks to appease special interests.  
With two Democrats vying for state Senate, one candidate has made an unabashed appeal for Republican support.  
Editor's note: Thomas Sowell, whose column usually appears on Friday, is on vacation.By Dan MorainThe California Chamber of Commerce doesn't often walk arm in arm with the Sierra Club.  
Susan Tripp Pollard, Bay Area News Group
Clerk-Recorder's office now has until May 22 to review and certify petition, after which backers will have 160 days to gather enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.  
Photo illustration by Susan Tripp Pollard/Bay Area News Group)
East Bay political veterans say they've never seen anything like the battle between Susan Bonilla and Steve Glazer leading up to the special election for state Senate on May 19. Some voters have already received 40 mailers from backers of both candidates.  
City's Fair Campaign Practices Commission workshop focused on a draft charter amendment by League of Women Voters of Berkeley Albany Emeryville and MapLight.  
Voters must decide by May 5 if they want to extend the tax for another nine years  
District elections are a way to add more diversity to local politics and more fairly represent all residents, but the idea was nixed by the Richmond council, who said it was unnecessary. No cities in Contra Costa County use district elections, although Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro have recently switched.  
Certified results of the primary election to fill the District 9 state Senate seat vacated by Mark DeSaulnier show that Orinda Mayor Steven Glazer bested Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla by more than 10,000 votes.  
Endorsement comes after primary in which Bonilla fared poorly in the Tri-Valley region which Swalwell represents in Congress.  
One day after Orinda Mayor Steven Glazer finished in first in at the primary election to succeed Mark DeSaulnier in the State Senate, second-place finisher Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla got a key endorsement from former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, who finished third. The standings are not expected to change, despite about 13,000 ballots left to be counted.  
Orinda mayor Glazer finished well ahead of the five-candidate field vying for Mark DeSaulnier's former State Senate seat, while Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla led former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan in a tight battle for second place. The top two finishers will compete in a May runoff election.  
Voters in the 7th state Senate District should not let slimy campaign advertising fool them or discourage them from casting their ballots in an important special election Tuesday.  
The East Contra Costa Fire District board of directors on Monday agreed to resume the effort to drum up more revenue for the financially beleaguered agency, which had to close one of its Brentwood stations in September. Ballots will be mailed by March 13 and must be returned by April 27.  
Vinay Pimple, a 47-year-old local attorney who first ran for office in 2013 when the Richmond City Council was looking to fill another vacancy, was appointed to the council Tuesday night by a four vote majority.  
Bonilla, Buchanan, Glazer battle to fill DeSaulnier's vacated seat  
Council could decide as early as Tuesday whom to appoint to seat that became vacant when then-Councilman Tom Butt was elected mayor in November  
In his first state of the city address, Mayor Tom Butt says priorities include annexing North Richmond, reviving the failing Hilltop mall and continuing the revitalization of the city's historical main street, Macdonald Avenue.  
The March 17 special election to succeed Mark DeSaulnier in the 7th Senate district has long been expected to feature Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, D-Concord, and former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, both of whom filed before the deadline Friday.  
The candidate filing period is open for folks vying to fill the seventh district State Senate seat vacated by new U.S. Congressman Mark DeSaulnier. Gov.