Subject: CYPRUS

(e.g., In which sea is the island located? Answer: Mediterranean Sea.)

Freshman Level

1. What is the capital city of Cyprus?

2. What are the two official languages?

3. What is the main feature of the national flag?

Graduate Level

4. What currency was adopted as the national currency on Jan. 1, 2008?

5. In 1960, independence was proclaimed from which country?

6. What basic commodity is in increasingly scarce supply?

Ph.D. Level

7. What has been discovered in the offshore area known as "Aphrodite"?

8. Which two islands in the Mediterranean Sea are larger than Cyprus?

9. What is the highest point on the island?


1. Nicosia.

2. Greek and Turkish.

3. A map of the island.

4. Euro.

5. United Kingdom.

6. Water.

7. Natural gas.

8. Sicily and Sardinia.

9. Mount Olympus.

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