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Last week's question:

East Contra Costa Fire District board will discuss a proposed parcel tax again. What features do you think it should have? Should it be based on the Consumer Price Index? Should it sunset after a certain number of years? Do you think residents will approve a parcel tax this time out?

WE DON'T NEED more taxes. Local government has enough taxes already. Instead of spending money on a mini-amphitheater at the Oakley City Hall, we should spend money on police and fire first.

John Nielson


NOTHING HAS CHANGED with the fire board or the structure of the organization since Measure S went down in flames a few years ago. I predict the same outcome for any 2014 parcel tax measure.

Dylan Jones

THE FIRE BOARD was given a two-year reprieve with a $7.8 million federal grant. That's time enough to find ways to cut costs and get the district back on a sound financial footing. Instead, they're planning to waste more taxpayer money -- they spent $120,000 last time -- to hire a spokesman to conduct another tax-hike propaganda campaign disguised as "education." The tax hike will once again fail miserably, despite the scare tactics.

Dave Roberts


This week's question:

Gov. Jerry Brown's $25 billion plan is to build two massive tunnels that would make it easier to move water from Northern California to farms in the Central Valley and Sounthern California. The plan calls for building two tunnels, each 40 feet high and 35 miles long, under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, with construction starting in 2017. What do you think of Gov. Jerry Brown's plan?

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