Name: Andrea Hudson

Age: 45

City: San Jose

My favorite workout: No other fitness routine works for me other than the Dailey Method. I guess the best way to describe it is a combination of yoga, Pilates, core strengthening and cardio with fast-paced and fun music all wrapped up into a class where it is almost impossible to not focus on the "mind-body" connection and just be in the moment for 60 minutes. I call it my "happy place." I leave feeling more ready to take on the day. I am not a yoga person. I cannot sit quietly, but somehow the Dailey Method produces the same results.

How often DO I exercise: Three or four times a week.

What motivates me: My husband works a lot, so I am "on" most of the time with our four children, ages 17, 8 and 6-year-old twins. I consider myself to be an "older mom," and I refuse to let "them" get two steps head of me, mentally or physically! My biggest motivation is my back. I had a horrific 18-hour lumbar back surgery in 2001. My recovery was slow. It was a pretty dark time in my life. I walked a lot, but that's about all I could do without fear of reinjuring myself and being down for a year again. The Dailey Method is a low-impact, orthopedically designed workout, so I can do it without fear of reinjuring myself. But it's not an easy workout. I usually walk out a shaking, sweaty mess.

The hardest part: The hardest part is not doing it. I am stiff and hurt if I don't stay on a schedule with my workouts.

What it teaches me: I love it when my husband says I look better now than I did when we started dating. It teaches me that I can overcome f my own fears through focus and determination.

-- Martha Ross, Staff

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