Subject: APRIL

(e.g., A day for practical jokes. Answer: April Fools' Day.)

Freshman Level

1. They bring the flowers that bloom in May.

2. Singer named Avril, after the French word for the month of April.

3. Pat Boone sang that it was "for the very young."

Graduate Level

4. Singer with a two-month name, known for the song "Chick Habit."

5. Title of a romance novel by Georgette Heyer.

6. Her most popular solo recording was "I'm in Love Again."

Ph.D. Level

7. A Canadian rock band.

8. Thoroughbred voted a Champion both in France and the U.S. in 1982.

9. Title of a novel by Howard Fast.


1. April showers.

2. Avril Lavigne.

3. "April Love."

4. April March.

5. "April Lady."

6. April Stevens.

7. April Wine.

8. April Run.

9. "April Morning."

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