Q We're heading to St. Louis for an engagement ceremony. Is it worth adding an extra day to take in the sights?

A St. Louis is a great town, especially in the warmer weather, and it has a broad array of attractions. You can catch a Cardinals game or spend the day in Forest Park, home of the 1904 World's Fair. It has gardens, bike trails, the famous zoo, an art museum, a science center and much more. For other art-garden attractions, visit Laumeier Sculpture Park and Citygarden.

For unusual museums, check out the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, the Museum of Transportation or the Kemp Auto Museum. For browsing, try Historic Cherokee Antique Row; for a charming neighborhood, wander around Central West End. For a water-view of the city, hop aboard a riverboat cruise. You can also take a brew tour at Anheuser-Busch or at a local microbrewery.

Q My husband and I are traveling to Vienna and would like to use our iPhones to text each other, call home and access the map. We have AT&T. What are the best options for keeping costs down?

A You might want to activate an international plan with AT&T, assuming your phones are compatible with European networks. You can do a calling plan, a data plan or both. There are also apps that let you make calls (or video calls, as with Skype) over Wi-Fi. You can access your maps via a Wi-Fi connection, or look into offline map apps that you can use without tapping into a data plan or the Internet.

Q Our family is planning an August get-together for nine adults from 21 to 80. My brother-in-law is suggesting the Caribbean. Wouldn't that be miserably hot in August? Would British Columbia be a better choice?

A The Caribbean is hot in August. I've done two family reunions in July -- Jamaica and the Dominican Republic -- and the older and heavier people in our family struggled with the heat. For western Canada, look into staying at a ski resort, which will have many amenities. Take note of the elevation to make sure that it won't be too much for the older family members.

Today's column comes from the Washington Post.