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    Cannot trust Shell to drill in the ArcticDrilling in America's Arctic Ocean is full of risk. And the biggest risk of all is trusting Shell in our ocean.  
    Concerns really get heard in HaywardThe main street in our neighborhood became a hazard as cars would speed up to 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Thus, we realized it was time to ask the city of Hayward for a solution to the speeding, and we filed a petition for speeds humps.  
    Charity really should begin here at homeI agree with the author of the May 12 letter, "First, must take care of America's citizens." I, too, feel the U.  
    Grow crops that are right for our climateThe state should not continue to waste our tax dollars on planning the terribly costly, environmentally damaging and disruptive huge twin tunnels to funnel water from the Sacramento River directly to Valley agribusiness and Southern California.  
    Help youth and get some website help An online presence has become critically important for businesses and nonprofits, including Donate Oakland. With a limited budget, we were initially forced to settle for a rudimentary website built in-house.  
    Must be careful, get tested for hepititus I had hepatitis C and now I'm cured. Yes, cured, and that never would have happened if I didn't get the test.  
    Should drop rodeo cow-milking eventI wish to voice my opposition to the continuing inclusion of the misnamed "Wild Cow Milking Event" in the Rowell Ranch Rodeo.  
    Minimum wage hike bad for businessIn the article, "Emeryville approves minimum wage hike," on raising the minimum wage, Councilwoman Dianne Martinez is confident businesses could handle the increase.  
    Event a celebration of Hayward heroesOn May 7, Hayward's Golden Peacock Banquet Hall was packed with more than 400 supporters of 37 unsung heroes chosen from 37 Hayward schools, both public and private.  
    People should rise against uncivil actsOnce again, a small, misguided group shut down the Oakland City Council meeting. Most Oaklanders are appalled by this.  
    Baltimore appears to have learned littleIf we simply consider that homicide is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as "any killing of one human being by another," then, yes, the Baltimore authorities are correct in calling the death of Freddie Gray a homicide.  
    Another way to help with water woesRegarding Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to spend billions on a tunnel system to provide more of Northern California's water to the L.  
    Traders take money but take no riskEvery Sunday, on the inside of the first page of the business section, we get to see the top traders in the Bay Area.  
    Low-income families are not being servedThe Eastlake site in Oakland on which a luxury residential high-rise building is proposed is the ideal site for housing low-income families and seniors, whereas the 2.  
    Critical to make call before any diggingIt may seem hard to believe that an underground utility line is damaged every six minutes in America because someone failed to call 8-1-1.  
    Doesn't take new law, just the will to act To address the threat of an unsustainable supply of water, the state and the governor should have first ordered metering at once for all users.  
    Stop antibiotics in all state livestockRecently, Tyson, one of the largest meat producers in the country, announced that it plans to end the use of human antibiotics in its chicken production by 2017.  
    Vaccine bill foes need educationRecently, Senate Bill 277 was advanced after a 7-2 vote from a California Senate panel. Although it is a great step forward in improving the health of our children in schools, many are still misinformed about vaccines, which cause them to oppose this bill.  
    Consider noise when reviewing restaurantsRecently, this newspaper published an article about Oliveto in Oakland, which had undergone an extensive -- and expensive -- renovation to lower the noise level.  
    Such big decisions should be overseenNo politician should be allowed to make decisions involving the entire nation without oversight.President Barack Obama is not capable of making decisions of this magnitude without the help of his advisers.  
    Fixing potholes is a public safety issueOut of serious concern for the safety of the driving public in Oakland, I discussed with a Council District 2 staff member the pothole problems generally and, specifically, the extremely dangerous potholes along the entire 200 block of Wayne Avenue just off  
    Cartoon strip should be dumped by paperAfter reading many of Bruce Tinsley's "Mallard Fillmore" cartoons, I don't understand why he is still in this newspaper.  
    All students' well-being must be consideredSenate Bill 277, to be voted on in the Education Committee on Wednesday, eliminates the personal belief exemption in waiving immunization requirements for school entry, allowing only medical exemptions.  
    Change is essential to prevent raids Here is the bottom line of Florida Gov. Rick Scott's pitch to California businesses urging them to relocate to his state: Were it not for California's high taxes, high prices, massive debt load and unfunded liabilities that are crushing California's economy,  
    Use money from PG&E to install needed valvesI do believe the $1.6 billion penalty imposed on PG&E for the San Bruno explosion and fire is fair.  
    Not taking adequate care of Lake MerrittWhile comments in the April 1 guest commentary, "Disorderly acts at Lake Merritt will spawn violence," may have come across curmudgeonly to others, a major point is being missed; that the uptick in park use at Lake Merritt is threatening the health of the  
    Coverage of Oakland A's should be betterDid the Giants move to Oakland? That's the only possible explanation for the Oakland Tribune and East Bay papers to dedicate half of the content on the front page and another significant chunk of the front page of the sports section to the Giants' home  
    We should all put our final wishes in writing The goal of National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16 is to change the culture around aging and dealing with terminal illness.  
    Perpetuating myth of police in dangerMankind can live without a police force. We will all perish, if we do not have food. It is tragic when someone loses their life while plying their chosen profession, but this newspaper is not alone in perpetuating the myth that being a policeman is a very  
    Wasting water is a tragedyOf course, I do (support Gov. Jerry Brown). We only have so much water in this world. To waste it is a tragedy. I have seen many folks out there wasting it, by watering lawns and allowing this precious (nonrefundable) commodity to run down the street.  
    ( Randy McMullen )
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