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Football dangerous, but is too big to banWith the hoopla surrounding Super Bowl 50, the news that Ken Stabler had chronic traumatic encephalopathy shines more needed light on the health dangers of playing football.  
New housing is the real water wasterYes, I support EBMUD penalizing and naming water wasters.On a regular basis, this paper has published the names of people who have exceeded their water allotment.  
Gun rights are about ensuring freedomsThe Second Amendment states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  
EBMUD fumbled its information releaseIn April, East Bay Municipal Utility District passed the Excessive Use Water Penalty Ordinance -- a policy with public disclosure implications.  
Now is right time for Oakland to act on A'sLet's put the destiny of the Oakland Raiders on the back burner and allow it to simmer for a while. Instead, our priorities should be promoting a new, beautiful baseball park at the Howard Terminal.  
Movie 'Chinatown' is relavant once againIt was really interesting reading the Jan. 27 article about the new effort to build the tunnels under the Delta (Peripheral Canal).  
Palin was McCain's greatest blunderSarah Palin's ranting and raving should not be cause for anybody with a measurable IQ to vote for Donald Trump.Palin was John McCain's greatest blunder: One heartbeat away from the presidency.  
Listing of Nazi policies misses a critical pointOn Jan. 27, the Bay Area News Group ran the letter "Hitler was a true progressive leader," suggesting that Adolf Hitler was a progressive because, like Bernie Sanders, he ran on a platform of "universal health care, a living wage and a pension for all  
Carbon tax would face huge political hurdlesPiggybacking on the Jan. 22 letter regarding the carbon tax, there are three big problems deserving of our attention at this time.  
Walmart's closing isn't necessarily a bad thingThere is no need to become too excited about Walmart closing its store at Hegenberger and I-880. It's actually a good thing, since it opens up that location for better stores.  
There is an unhealthy arrogance of certainty permeating our political discourse that says: Only our side is virtuous -- only our side is pure, moral, high-minded, ethical and principled.  
Editor's note -- After the deadline passed for Talk Back letters, BART announced it would install working cameras on all of its trains.Using fake cameras is horrendous ideaDuh.  
Suspense is killing us, approve carbon taxTantalizing. The Jan. 19 article "Oceans trapping heat at an accelerating rate" leaves us with the cliffhanger that as oceans warm up, they can absorb less heat, leading to -- who knows?  
Coal deal at the port needs to be rejectedThe author of the Jan. 13 letter "Reason of objection based on fairy tales" is clearly mistaken. There is indeed "a documented human exposure mechanism that delivers a sufficient amount of the agent (coal dust) by uptake through .  
Schools doing right thing; now city mustWith Oakland Unified School District's very recent citywide mailing that officially concedes that homeowners have four years to claim their prior years' exemptions, OUSD has come a long way to doing right by both seniors and low-income residents.  
Remove building at Lake Chabot ParkOutraged Lake Chabot Park neighbors made their opinions clear. The Castro Valley Municipal Advisory Council sent the park district back to the drawing board to come up with a better plan.  
Would have liked an even stronger orderI totally support the order on guns that President Barack Obama set forth. I just wish it had been stronger -- and I'm a Republican.  
Invest properly in schools, get resultsThe Jan. 8 article on Oakland's plan to use a common enrollment system for public and charter schools says a similar system in Newark, New Jersey, "didn't cause a migration to charter schools from public schools," according to author Dale Russakoff.  
Water fines should be based on incomeI was just reading an article about the fines for water abusers in California and got to thinking: Why not levy fines for water abuse based on percentage of income?  
Conspiracy against the police in societyThere is a conspiracy against the police in America, especially in the central cities. Society doesn't know how to act in the presence of a person of authority.  
Voters are smarter than politiciansThis election year we have to decide who will lead this country for the next four years. Will it be the Republican Party or the Democratic Party?  
Mystery behind bites thankfully solvedAfter months of painful bites on our torsos, my husband and I, tipped off by a neighbor, finally got in touch with Alameda Vector Control (www.  
Need to have fewer police officer fatalitiesAccording to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 124 U.S. police officers died on the job in 2015.  
Media uses a double standard with IslamThe Dec. 24 letter "Islam's definition of 'peace' is twofold" has me considering the double standard with which American media deal with Islam.  
Kilmister missed as a person and an artistBeing a longtime reader, I appreciate that the paper included the death of Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister in the Dec.  
Leave shooting club alone, keep it openI am nearing the end of my time but still enjoy shooting with my family. Chabot Gun Club has been around since before there were even any modern homes up in the hills.  
All Raiders fans are welcome in MidwestMy husband, friends and I attended the Raider/Packer game Dec. 20. We were easily identifiable as Packer fans. I want to give a big shout out and thanks to all of the Raider fans who made our day there lots of fun.  
No more valuable than other summitsThe results of the 21st climate summit are no more valuable than the preceding 20.Almost 200 nations agreed to voluntary commitments with no enforcement mechanism.  
Throwing shoes to distract a shooterThe president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, urged students at the Christian school to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter possible armed attacks.  
Israel preventing ISIS takeover of West BankThe Palestinian Policy and Survey Research's 58th poll was released recently: 1,270 adults were interviewed face to face in 127 locations in the so-called West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  
( T. Charles Erickson )
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