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Up to the people to stop the bloodshedYet another senseless act of gun violence. The death of a 27-year-old man who was doing nothing more than painting a mural to help brighten up a west Oakland neighborhood is ridiculous.  
All children killed by guns worth our griefWhat is the minimum number of kids shot at one time to make us care about them, America?Maybe those lamenting another tragic school shooting could take a minute or two to decry the decades of shootings by gangs and drug dealers that have killed off our  
Doing all we can do to stop algae in lakeThis is regarding the Sept. 24 letter "EBRPD should not give up on Lake Temescal." Our district has made the health of Lake Temescal a priority since toxic blue-green algae was first detected in 2014.  
Could DMV devise a test to better identify risk?Sadly, another age-mate of mine ended her driving career by plowing through a building, through a crowd, with fatal results.  
Caltrans using road flares irresponsiblyRecently, while driving westbound on Interstate 580 at Highway 13, I witnessed Caltrans, escorted by CHP, engaged in activity that may be some of the most irresponsible and dangerous I have ever seen in regard to common sense when considering wildfire risks.  
Cruz is right about election of judgesTed Cruz wants to make Supreme Court judges elected, instead of appointed. This reform would make judges accountable to the will of the people and prevent tyrannical judges from playing God over society.  
May need tougher tests for seniorsThe brake pedal and the gas pedal each have its own purpose. The gas pedal is the go. The brake pedal is the stop. Mixing them up can be fatal.  
Tunnels benefit big farmers over rest of usThe $17 billion twin tunnels' primary benefit would be to ensure continuing profits for industrial agriculture in California.  
Abortion's reality is uncomfortable truthWhile the author of Sept. 22 letter, "Strident lies about Planned Parenthood," may feel that Planned Parenthood has been treated unfairly, the issue lays bare many uncomfortable truths about the abortion.  
EBRPD should not give up on Lake TemescalLake Temescal in Oakland is a beloved community recreational resource. In 2014, toxic blue green algae blooms at the lake surprised everyone.  
Hard to fathom the ease of driver's hateI just returned from cycling the Oregon and California coast on the Pacific Coast Bike Route, where, cycling on the Pacific Coast Highway, sometimes with no shoulder, logging trucks were courteous enough to give the space I needed.  
Strident lies about Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood is taking a beating. Some of the most strident voices in the country demand the organization be defunded.  
ISIS members could slip in with refugeesWe must be very careful whom we bring into this country.From what is shown on the news, most of those refugees are young men.  
Punish council for growth at the pollsFremont's schools are more than overcrowded because our city council has approved massive amounts of multiple-housing developments.  
UC should use anti- Semitism definitionRegarding the Other Views column "UC needs to define problem to combat anti-Semitism spike" (Sept. 13), I concur that the UC system must adopt the State Department definition of anti-Semitism.  
Jews have a history of taking the blameSitting next to a fellow theatergoer who was eating an oatmeal cookie, I warned him, "If your cookie crumbs mess up the floor, you'll have to clean it up.  
Litigation against one physician does littleThis is in reference to the article "Physician goes to trial for drug deaths" (Sept. 1). As every practicing physician knows, treating pain is the most emotionally and time-consuming challenge in the office.  
Must stop smoking by using all meansMost definitely. Tobacco is a national health hazard and a scourge on others' atmosphere. Anything we can do to discourage our young from starting this filthy habit should be considered.  
Europe is obligated to welcome refugeesUntil the end of the Cold War, this country paid dearly for 40 years to protect Europe from the threat of the Soviet Union.  
Hate letter doesn't derserve the spaceThe Sept. 3 letter, "Israel is no friend of the United States," cites the case of the spy ship USS Liberty, bombed in the Mediterranean by Israel during the 1967 war -- and the subject of much discussion since.  
Kaiser must be leader on mental health careThe mental health care system in the United States is in crisis, no doubt. There is simply not enough money invested in care rather than not enough clinicians.  
Forcing registration of voters is bad idea The Sept. 1 editorial " Pass Padilla's motor voter registration bill" endorses the Padilla Act, which would forcibly register 7 million Californians who could not care less about politics.  
Inescapable irony in humane death viewsAm I the only one who finds it incredibly ironic that while we are spending untold amounts of money on finding a way to humanely kill people on death row so they will not suffer, we are also spending untold amounts of money to keep people whose bodies have  
A 'heads-up' on local events would be niceI am pleased that Oakland is a venue for various sports events. I want everyone to see what a beautiful city we can be and come to enjoy it.  
Should not create own facts for lettersA recent letter writer states that Hillary Clinton's behavior wouldn't be acceptable in any corporation or the military.  
Rent control should be statewide policyMany hardworking, responsible renters are finding it more and more difficult to find affordable housing after being displaced.  
She did it right; no reason for outrageYes, according to laws, rules and policies of the State Department at that time. Neither she nor her predecessors -- Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who also used private email -- broke any laws and were not criminally liable.  
Response to Clinton reinforces behaviorHillary Clinton's conduct wouldn't be acceptable at any level in the military or a corporation.Most people would never accept such conduct if they knew the person personally, but at least 48 percent of the country currently would hold their nose and vote for  
Commentary roared, but offered no fixesThe recent commentary arguing that educators and schools should opt out of the Common Core curriculum and seemingly any form of standardized testing misses the point, and offers no real solutions for disadvantaged students and families.  
Dangerous police chase irresponsibleOn Aug. 20, I watched a police car in a high-speed chase speed through a crowded shopping district on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland at 6 p.