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    Senate votes based on doing right thingThe author of the July 23 letter, "Won't any officials stand up to Israel?", expresses disgust that not one member of the U.  
    Medical skeptic says follow the money In the July 23 banner article, "Latinos have edge in whooping cough war," writer Tracy Seipel notes that college-educated white people have a lower rate of compliance with childhood vaccination recommendations than Latinos or Asians.  
    Make an effort to know what you're attackingSome overly emotional discussions on water wasting, mandatory cutbacks, $500 fines, etc., are popping up more and more, all the time missing a not-so-moot point -- many of us in older homes (mine's 1948) have water wells.  
    Immunizations can make a differenceA July 23 article reported that among Latino babies less than a year old, whooping cough cases are soaring. As a public health student, the discrepancies between mortality rates in different ethnic groups is of great concern to me, especially when the disease can  
    Fleeing children may have refugee statusWe should help determine legitimate need and claims. If they are fleeing for their lives and safety, legally they have claims as refugees.  
    Bad message sent to existing businessesThe community advocates at South Hayward Parish are the founders of a new homeless shelter in downtown Hayward. Having done this before, one would think they would know that a city permit was required, especially in light of the fact they have a planning  
    Area deserves much better leadershipThe July 22 guest commentary, "Perfectly good solution for both the Raiders and the A's," outlines a wise and efficient solution for improving the football Coliseum and building a baseball stadium.  
    The death penalty is justice, not revengeYes, Byron Williams, unfortunately, the times are changing for California's death penalty (Other Views, "The times are changing for California's death penalty," July 20).  
    Bad decisions about a library's purpose I am writing with such disappointment. I walked in to the Centerville Branch of the Alameda County library system in Fremont earlier this month and was appalled that the library had been stripped of the majority of books.  
    Fines should start with greedy officialsI do believe California water violators should be fined -- much more than $500 a day -- but starting with our governor, state senators, city water companies and all statewide water regulators.  
    No one going to jail reveals true powerSo, Citigroup has agreed to pay $7 billion to get off the hook for bundling and selling toxic mortgages to investors.  
    Another example of Congress at 'work'Monday I called Rep. Barbara Lee's office to find out what she was doing in Congress to help free Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican jail.  
    Appointment worth more than mentionThe city of Oakland has recently hired a new executive director of the Citizens' Police Review Board, Anthony Finnell, who appeared at a recent meeting of the CPRB.  
    Population's impact on the animal worldOn July 11, people around the world took part in World Population Day to raise awareness about population issues.  
    Assembly members should revisit voteBay Area Assemblywomen Susan Bonilla and Joan Buchanan recently voted to support the governor's budget, which included the use of cap-and-trade revenues from polluting industries to be used to reduce emissions.  
    Must stop abuse of antibioticsImagine including a low dose of antibiotics in your breakfast cereal every morning. That's essentially what factory farms do to their animals, feeding livestock daily low doses of antibiotics allowing them to keep animals in crowded and unsanitary conditions.  
    Doctors need reimbursementThe author of the July 3 letter, "VA debacle is classic case of botched care," stated that the problems in the VA medical system foreshadows similar problems for health care under Obamacare for all but the very wealthy.  
    Is this culture fit for statehood?Adjacent articles in the July 2 edition -- "Netanyahu calls out Hamas" and "(Iraqi) Militant leader issues call to Muslims" -- and last month's Islamist kidnappings of hundreds of non-Muslim Nigerian girls, show the unity of the Islamists theologic handbook.  
    Sowell should offer facts to discussionIf you wonder why there's been such a big increase in hateful right-wing extremism, just read Thomas Sowell's column, "President may well have achieved his lifelong goals.  
    Remove all Democrats from state governmentIf ever there was a reason to remove Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democratic California Legislature, the Bay Bridge fiasco, loaded with corruption and indifference, is a prime incentive to do so.  
    Band concert great way to celebrateThe Oakland Municipal Band concert season was omitted from Jim Harrington's June 15 article, "Summer concert series hitting Bay Area.  
    State shouldn't license illegal immigrantsThis is regarding the June 27 front-page article on driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.How many more ways can Gov.  
    History says sending advisers is pure follyMore than 20 years ago, a talk show caller observed, "Shiites and Sunnis don't like each other, never did like each other, and never will like each other.  
    Stop whining about Coliseum and fix it"Everyone agrees the Oakland A's need a new ballpark," say the authors of the June 25 guest commentary, "A's can have home of their own at Howard Terminal.  
    Thwart telemarketers without federal listI hope to provide the author of a June 19 letter, and others with similar issues, options for disconnecting calls from telemarketers or solicitors.  
    Parked drivers must beware of cyclistsA friend was riding her bicycle down Benvenue Avenue around Parker Street in Berkeley a few days ago. The driver of a parked car suddenly opened his door.  
    Now doing best in conserving waterI remember back in the 1970s when we had a drought and had to conserve our water usage. Alameda Water District wrote us a letter and said we don't use enough water for a family of four.  
    Better use of funds than high-speed railThis paper's articles make it clear that the bullet train isn't practical for many reasons. The train is too costly to build ($68 billion), has a limited schedule and is inconvenient.  
    Learning techniques of teaching is criticalWhat is wrong with California education is teachers are not required to know anything about teaching and education.  
    Must better fund our services for seniorsNo statistics can capture the hardships caused by California's repeated cuts to services for older adults. What will they do?  
    This barren, desert prison is where O.J. Simpson lives

    Some here call it the 'O.J. House,' the only gated community in a vast stretch of desert rich in gold and silver, pioneer trails and proud, isolated towns north of Reno. 
    (Hector Casanova/Kansas City Star)
    5 things NOT to say to your kids (and why)

    What's wrong with 'You're so smart'? Nothing, if you don't mind raising kids who are more likely to be motivated by praise than their own determination. We dissect five common parenting phrases and provide the more appropriate -- and effective -- alternatives.