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Keystone XL pipeline should not be builtThe United States should not build the Keystone XL pipeline because: According to former NASA climate scientist James Hansen it would be "game over" for climate change if we burn all this dirty oil and don't instead focus on clean energy alternatives.  
Judge was wrong on foie gras decisionCalifornia lawmakers were right to ban foie gras in 2004, and Judge Steven Wilson was wrong to strike it down in 2015.  
Actions would have disappointed KingWhen does the right to protest become civil disobedience? On Jan. 19, the San Mateo Bridge was shut down in both directions at peak commute time for almost an hour by protesters.  
Nurses should have role in assessmentsThe recent investigative reporting on excessive use of psychotropic drugs with troubled children who act out and frighten their caregivers was excellent.  
Protesters don't get how many they hurtIn his attempt to justify his disruption of BART on Black Friday, Zachary Norris is proud and pleased to report that his actions were a peaceful and nonviolent protest of the dehumanizing treatment of citizens by police.  
Costs far outweigh the benefits to the stateIt consumes enormous amounts of our valuable and scarce water. It deposits high-pressure carcinogenic chemicals underground, which can penetrate into the water table used for agriculture irrigation.  
Only modern leaders can change MideastThe Jan. 9 letter, "Israel stole the land: there can't be peace," should have referred to the Palestinians' intransigence, rather than blaming Israel for failed talks.  
Plutonium meeting is vital for publicDeadly radioactive plutonium may be used in the National Ignition Facility by the end of January. NIF has cost taxpayers more than $8 billion and has failed every ignition test.  
Must be better way to fund campaignsThe dust hasn't even settled from Sen. Barbara Boxer's retirement announcement, but there are already plenty of qualified replacements counting themselves out because they can't raise the $20 million needed to run a competitive campaign.  
Groups hope to tell police people careOn Jan. 9, Concerns of Police Survivors Inc., and partnering organizations united in support of law enforcement officers nationwide to promote a National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  
Solution needs to be fair and reasonableIt's highly probable and unfortunate a "comprehensive" immigration bill will be passed.Like Obamacare, it will probably contain several thousand pages and we'll again be told it needs to be passed to know what it contains.  
Cage-free eggs are responsible choiceThe vast majority of eggs sold in grocery stores come from hens confined in battery cages. In battery cage facilities, hens are packed to maximum density in cages, so tightly that they cannot even fully extend their wings or engage in any of their natural  
Water needed more than this lame trainWhat is wrong with the leaders of this state? Do we really need a high-speed rail train? No. What we need is water.  
Protests were more than 'inconvenience'The author of the Dec. 25 letter referring to stopping traffic during protests as a mere "inconvenience" left out the part about law-abiding citizens being held up by citizens committing a crime.  
It's not up to me to decide fate of movieSupport? Heck, it's not up to me. It's up to the millions of movie-goers who fall for this most blatant, yet effective, marketing ploy in the history of box-office sales.  
Normalization is long overduePresident Barack Obama's effort to normalize relations with Cuba is the best thing he's ever done. This action was long overdue.  
Hack attack on Sony PicturesConcerning the hack attack on Sony Pictures: "The Interview" appears to be a very provocative film. If the tables were turned and a foreign country made a parody of our leader being assassinated, the American people wouldn't appreciate that.  
Real reason to open Cuba is not yet clearMight as well open Cuba, the U.S. has controlled facilities at Guantanamo Bay on the back side of Cuba since 1898 and, since 2002, has run an interrogation/torture facility there.  
Must catch up to law on cage-free eggsCalifornia's Proposition 2 and AB1437, the laws essentially requiring retailers to sell only cage-free eggs, take effect Jan.  
Making vital points often not convenientThe Dec. 17 letter "Disruptions are not best way for change" decried protesters blocking traffic because many folks are inconvenienced by this tactic.  
The desired change may be happeningOur dear Tammerlin Drummond asks: "Will recent protests spur real change?" (Dec. 11)We white college types who with black brethren did sit-ins at 1960s restaurants were protesting, but our noise was but a hushed buzz compared with this sudden new December.  
Flawed report should not have been releasedThe Senate Intelligence Committee's report was flawed. No one from the CIA was interviewed or questioned about the methods of interrogation used to get information from the terrorist detainees.  
Only those living are capable of speakingWhen applying a chokehold, the forearm is placed firmly against the throat, perpendicular to it and the underlying four hyoid bones located directly below the tongue.  
A merry season means safe decoratingThe holiday season is in full swing, and many families begin the festive tradition of lighting their homes and businesses.  
Reasonable people must find an answerI've got friends who are police officers. I've got friends who are protesting.Cops feel that any traffic stop, domestic violence call or confrontation could result in their death.  
City ignored the sick tree for many yearsWe have a three-story-tall tree in front of our house. It belongs to the city of Oakland. Over the years, the tree has grown and has been neglected.  
Cameras would protect the police and othersI thoroughly agree with the idea that if police were required to wear cameras at all times, it would help their safety plus they would not be careless of the rights of others.  
Want to live in world that centers on loveWhy, as a retailer, would I support protests? Because I come from a family that has worn their feet raw marching and shouting for equality -- in addition to being African-American.  
All races should be appalled by killingsAmid a largely white protest in Berkeley and Oakland on Dec. 7, the news reported a black bystander saying that whites don't have the right to protest police killing of black men.  
Cartoonist hit the mark with drawingKudos to cartoonist Brian Basset for his Dec. 7 cartoon, "Red and Rover," with his remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day in his addressing the day from the perspective of the dog whose best friend would never come home.  
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Seth Rogen sorry for 'American Sniper' comments

“The Interview” actor compared Clint Eastwood’s movie to a Nazi propaganda film depicted in “Inglourious Basterds” because both dealt with snipers, he says; but his comments were taken by many to suggest he was dismissing “American Sniper” as pro-war propaganda.