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    Must wake up, build desalination plantsSure, we have a water shortage in California. Saving resources and not being wasteful is always a good idea, with any resource.  
    Treaty deal the only workable alternativeI think Congress should approve the arms treaty with Iran. The only alternative to the treaty would be an un-winnable war.  
    Shouldn't politicize fire safety measuresI'm writing in response to recent letters regarding the partnership grant with FEMA for vegetation management in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills.  
    Let's put some teeth in our fireworks lawsThere was a time when the Fourth of July was an enjoyable holiday. We now dread its approach because of the torment inflicted on our loving 12-year-old dog, Annie.  
    Revenge is not purview of the governmentI thank the paper for the editorial against the death penalty ("No cocktail is needed, outlaw death penalty," July 10).  
    We are obligated to the greater goodYes, parents of an anti-vaccination group do have a fundamental right to decide how to care for their own children.  
    Instead of sanctuary, howabout securityI have a problem with sanctuary cities. It seems that they put the illegal immigrants before its other citizens.  
    Kids can do plenty to address droughtKids can do a lot to help fight California's drought. Adults are putting a lot of time and effort into helping save water.  
    State shouldn't abolish capital punishmentI am writing to comment on the July 10 editorial on ending the death penalty, "Cocktail not needed: Outlaw death penalty.  
    Don't trample on my rights for a religionRegarding the July 8 " 'Death with dignity' denied" article: I'm disappointed that this legislation failed to pass.  
    Electing justices is an excellent reformTed Cruz wants to make Supreme Court judges elected instead of appointed. This reform would make judges accountable to the will of the people and prevent tyrannical judges from playing god over society.  
    Marriage much older than Christian GodYes. Wholeheartedly. And please stop referencing the phrase "same-sex" marriage. It's marriage. Period. I look with amusement at the letters from readers referencing their God and marriage as though their God owns the state of marriage.  
    How could officials let a felon go free?My thoughts go out to the family of Kathryn Steinle, who was reportedly murdered in San Francisco by a seven-time felon who is also a five-time deported illegal immigrant.  
    Documents critical, but are not 'sacred'I enjoyed Byron Williams' recent column about reading the founding documents yearly. It's sound advice. I do, however, object to him referring to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as sacred documents.  
    State must consider using split roll taxesFamilies of high school students should be fuming. After paying state taxes for years and expecting a university admission for their good student, parents are being told that more enrollment is being offered to out-of-state students who pay higher tuition.  
    Prescription system needs some reformsImagine a Boeing 737 crashing, killing all on board, every day for eight months. The number of dead would equal the yearly death rate in the U.  
    Corporate justices had to rule that wayThe Supreme Court ruling upholding ACA (Obamacare) was the only decision they could make without causing chaos in the marketplace.  
    Leave the fireworks shows to professionalsWhy do they still let Dublin and other Bay Area cities sell fireworks?We all know California is in one of the worst droughts in history and the fire season is in full swing.  
    Spraying poison is not a solutionUnder a plan promoted by Oakland Councilman Dan Kalb and Mayor Libby Schaaf, the city of Oakland and its partners will spread and spray what is a conservatively estimated to be 7,000 gallons of cancer-causing herbicides after deforesting 2,059 acres of public land.  
    Exploiting wildlife and the wild landsThe June 20 article "Pushed to extinction" discusses the global issue of the human-caused mass extinction now occurring, and illustrates why citizens become so upset at the prospect of losing thriving local wildlife habitat to development.  
    Not the high-speed rail plan that we voted forNo. Cap and trade money motorists pay on motor fuel should go for highway maintenance and improvements, not for the politicians' ill-planned and roundabout high speed rail.  
    Need editorial on Medi-Cal systemA recent article reported on the new state budget, which will expand Medi-Cal benefits to illegal immigrant children. Later, in the same issue, there is an article on a recent state audit that severely criticizes the Medi-Cal system for having insufficient doctors  
    No-brainer, city must keep WarriorsI am not a basketball fan, and even I can tell that basketball is Oakland's sport. Did you see the Warriors celebration in Oakland in front of Lake Merritt, with the mass of people and beautiful views of the city?  
    Earned Income Tax Credit helps familiesAs Oakland's largest volunteer income tax assistance program, our volunteers work each tax season to provide free tax preparation and ensure East Bay working families are claiming the tax credits and refunds they are eligible for, such as the federal Earned  
    Local farmers would be hurt by fast trackCalifornia youths are working hard to build a healthier, greener and fairer food economy. From fighting to save the Gill Tract Farm in Berkeley, to establishing sustainable food purchasing policies in the UC and CSU systems, students are advancing solutions  
    S.F. Boy Scouts' ban on gay adults must goBoy Scouts of America President Robert Gates has called on the Boy Scouts to end the ban on gay adults. The San Francisco Bay Area Council should follow Gates' directive both for the future of the organization, and also for the future of the young men and  
    A bill needs to be passed to fix thisPass a bill. The state needs to stop hiding behind the "let's keep them like zombies when in the foster care system," when the system has to watch them.  
    Must figure ways to better protect birdsThis is regarding the June 6 article "Up in the air," and solutions to Altamont Pass bird strikes.I've been thinking about how to reduce the mortality rate of raptors for some time now.  
    Curry an exceptional role model for kidsEven if Mount Eden High School teacher Matt Amaral has a point about the downside of sports stars being role models (that few students could succeed as athletes), Steph Curry is the wrong one to use.  
    Vindicating county's policy about drugsCongratulations to Supervisor Nate Miley and the residents of Alameda County. Despite a well-funded legal attack by Big Pharma to shut down the county's ordinance requiring drug companies to pay for disposal of household medications, the U.  
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    'Empire' star Terrence Howard accused of brutally assaulting ex-wife

    One day before statue of limitations runs out, Michelle Howard files suit against the actor for an alleged assault in 2013.