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    Obama's 'no strategy' is the right strategyPresident Barack Obama got it right the first time, with his "no strategy" regarding ISIS. We need to follow Europe in pulling away from the Middle East altogether and stop trying to be the world's policeman.  
    County energy plan is a waste of moneyAnother fraudulent money-wasting plan is about to be acted on by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors (an oligarchy, in my opinion).  
    A book that should change how we thinkWould that all Americans had been assigned to read Frederick Douglas' account of being born into a slave system and how he escaped it.  
    Poll story was just a political hit pieceThe Sept. 11 article, "Mayoral poll puts Kaplan in lead," is the worst piece of propaganda I've seen in a long time.  
    Prop. 46 misleading in its true purposeThe disingenuous Proposition 46, also called the "Troy & Alana Pack Patient Safety Act of 2014," plays upon the emotions of Californians familiar with the horrific deaths of Troy and Alana Pack in 2003 by a drugged, Mercedes-driving nanny who mowed them  
    Well-being of state's residents is first job The Carlsbad desalination plant will produce 50 million gallons of water daily.The average Californian uses 196 gallons of water daily.  
    'Yes means yes' law will help the victimsThis responds to your article, "Campus sex assault: 'Yes means yes' bill clears California Legislature."The concept of "yes means yes" makes the defense of victims easier; they don't have to prove they clearly stated they did not want to have sex.  
    PUC should be replaced for poor PG&E oversightI am not knowledgeable about the dollar amounts assessed in the San Bruno explosion that killed eight people and caused millions of dollars in damages.  
    Letter wrong on the facts of proposalThis is regarding the Sept. 5 guest commentary, "Don't be fooled by a glossy brochure from developers." When publishing a piece, please check the facts.  
    Doctor wrong about personal vaporizersThe Sept. 3 letter from Dr. Alden "Chip" McDonald, American Heart Association board president-elect, insults the intelligence of folks such as myself who have abandoned deadly tobacco cigarettes for the far safer nicotine vapor personal vaporizers and  
    Qualifications most important for policeDoes anyone in the diversity movement know how to present a statistical study to justify the selection of qualified police officers?  
    Corporations should tell truth on tax rateThe Aug. 29 political cartoon depicts an unreasonably high corporate tax rate that is driving American corporations abroad.  
    Keep emergency services at DMCI believe that Doctors Medical Center should stay open, even as a scaled-down emergency operation.Furthermore, I believe that DMC should stay open for more than just emergency services.  
    Action helps change views about ChevronFinally a reason to change my opinion about Chevron and its remodeling project.The 10-year agreement to fund Richmond public school graduates their college tuition will give Bay Area families newfound reason to relocate to the progressive city of Richmond --  
    Retiring DMC's debt critical in any solutionThe recent editorial regarding Doctors Medical Center rightly pointed out that DMC cannot be maintained as a full-service hospital.  
    Proposed sales tax must be stoppedMeasure BB would double the transportation sales tax and then misspend much of the money raised. Measure BB would, according to its sponsor's Countywide Transportation Plan, allow driving in Alameda County to increase by 46 percent by 2035.  
    E-cigarettes must be strongly regulatedRecently, the American Heart Association released a policy statement reviewing the latest science on e-cigarettes.  
    A disaster without DMC presenceThe Napa earthquake sent more than 200 people to hospitals.What if that quake had hit at 3 p.m. on a weekday in the area Doctors Medical Center serves -- Crockett to El Cerrito?  
    Big lie about Israel is repeated againCurtis V. Manning's evocation of the Warsaw ghetto to describe the current situation in Gaza is yet another example of the outrageous Goebelsian tactic being employed by the extreme left in Berkeley to attempt to confuse Americans about what is really happening.  
    Justice Department has poor track recordThe criminal section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, handling the investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri case, doesn't have a stellar record and shouldn't be involved.  
    Emergency that led to Measure Z is long goneSan Leandro voters passed Measure Z in 2010 as a temporary emergency tax increase to help the city close a budget shortfall caused by the Great Recession that would sunset in seven years when they expected the economy to recover.  
    Need tougher rules on dogs in groceriesAlthough I have had differences with Gov. Jerry Brown with his recently signing AB2310, which reversed a previous year's decision to require food handlers to wear gloves, I agree, though, with the signing of AB1965, which allows individuals to have legal pets  
    Justice is the prize that deserves focusTammerlin Drummond's Aug. 21 column clearly describes mainstream media's emphasis on the sideshow that occurs with major protests of injustice.  
    Hayward is leading way on fixing leaksA recent article highlighted the serious problem of water loss through leakage due to aged and deteriorating infrastructure throughout the Bay Area.  
    Many questions on the current measureAs a civil engineer, I support new reservoirs, raising existing reservoirs and adding underground storage to augment California's water supply.  
    Muslims do not hate Jews, just blockadeMuslims do not hate Jews. For centuries, Arabs and Jews lived harmoniously together in Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain.  
    Waste Management has had it problemsI live in Oakland and have been a customer of Waste Management for decades. I live in a court with, maybe, six houses to service.  
    If you don't vote, it is hard to complainAccording to an article on WSJ.com, in April of this year an election was held for mayor of Ferguson, Mo. The Wall Street Journal further reports there are approximately 15,000 adults of voting age in Ferguson, although we can assume some of them would not  
    Williams' suicide is yet another warningRobin Williams' suicide underscores the tragedy of the effects of mental illness. Of those who take their lives, 90 percent have some form of mental illness.  
    Extensive bombing needed, warrantedYes, we should bomb the hell out of Iraq. Many innocent people will get killed, but so be it.Someday, the Iraqi people will get sick and tired of war and the killing that takes place, then maybe they will demand their government will get rid of the bad guys and