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A 'heads-up' on local events would be niceI am pleased that Oakland is a venue for various sports events. I want everyone to see what a beautiful city we can be and come to enjoy it.  
Should not create own facts for lettersA recent letter writer states that Hillary Clinton's behavior wouldn't be acceptable in any corporation or the military.  
Rent control should be statewide policyMany hardworking, responsible renters are finding it more and more difficult to find affordable housing after being displaced.  
She did it right; no reason for outrageYes, according to laws, rules and policies of the State Department at that time. Neither she nor her predecessors -- Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, who also used private email -- broke any laws and were not criminally liable.  
Response to Clinton reinforces behaviorHillary Clinton's conduct wouldn't be acceptable at any level in the military or a corporation.Most people would never accept such conduct if they knew the person personally, but at least 48 percent of the country currently would hold their nose and vote for  
Commentary roared, but offered no fixesThe recent commentary arguing that educators and schools should opt out of the Common Core curriculum and seemingly any form of standardized testing misses the point, and offers no real solutions for disadvantaged students and families.  
Dangerous police chase irresponsibleOn Aug. 20, I watched a police car in a high-speed chase speed through a crowded shopping district on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland at 6 p.  
GOP will blow election backing this blowhardIf the Republican Party believes that the qualifications for its presidential candidate are that he or she should be crude, crass, insulting, egotistic, condescending and short on specifics on the problem issues facing the nation, then yes, Donald Trump  
How much caution should officers use?I am writing to comment on the Aug. 13 letter "Price of compassion":After making a cogent argument about the use of public funds to send public employees to the funerals of fallen officers and firefighters, the author goes on to blame the deceased for his/her  
Culling of books is unreasonableAfter hearing of the massive number of books being weeded from the Berkeley Public Library system, I checked with trepidation at the West Berkeley branch.  
Lack of respect for fallen heroesThe author of the Aug. 13 letter, "The price of compassion," protests the "costly and unnecessary" police and firefighter funerals.  
Should not attack BART's plan with artWhile reading the Aug. 12 editorial attacking BART's plan to improve riders' experience with art, I was interrupted by an ad that automatically began piping sound through my speakers at work.  
Designed for interpretationIn her letter, "Nation is a republic, but not a democracy," Sharon Arata confuses "altering" with "interpretation." The Constitution was designed for interpretation.  
The bottom line is national securitySince the founding of Iran's Islamic theocracy in 1979, its stated goal has been the destruction of America -- designated as "the Great Satan.  
Bicyclists making safe decisions can pay offI urge my fellow bicyclists to become bicycle ambassadors. Let's start with our fellow bicyclists. Call out when passing another rider so you don't startle them and so they don't veer into your path.  
Tradition for funerals of officers costs publicThis is to protest what seems to have become a patriotic, but very costly and unnecessary, tradition the past 10 or 15 years: Sending fellow employees and equipment, often from great distances, on paid duty time, to funeral services for firefighters  
Carbon pollution fee is key to our survivalThe curtain has risen on a national climate change discussion. The president's opening lines are met with both cheers and jeers.  
Didn't need to kill to feed many villagersI read with interest the Aug. 1 front-page story regarding the poaching of Cecil the lion and would specifically like to address the comments of Jeff Stanley in said article.  
Dr. Palmer should be sent to face charges Yes, the United States should extradite Dr. Walter Palmer to Zimbabwe to face charges for killing Cecil the Lion.  
Subway should use antibiotic-free meatA lot of people have been talking about Subway this week, but what we haven't been talking about is antibiotics resistance and the role Subway can play in protecting antibiotics use for human health.  
We must battle to save last big open spaceRecently, I received an email from the Oakland Zoo. In the advertisement, they were capitalizing on the death of Cecil the lion to celebrate their Lion Appreciation Day.  
Palmer has exposed ugly hunting tacticsIt's ironic that animal murderer Walter Palmer almost single-handedly exposed the ugliness and cruelty of the sport hunting industry better than most animal lovers could do.  
Protect bobcats by changing practicesCalifornians have the opportunity to change a practice that harms one of our most beautiful wild species -- the bobcat.  
PG&E's negligence shouldn't be rewarded Being able to write off a fine for causing a huge disaster based on negligence, how does this even become an option?  
Constitution gives freedoms to pursue The July 23 My Word, "Real radicals dwell on left end of spectrum not right," was one of the best I have ever read.  
Death penalty vote needs proper airing District Attorney Mark Peterson's effort (in his July 19 opinion piece) to further the debate over California's death penalty is welcome, particularly in light of a pending opportunity to vote on the issue.  
Must wake up, build desalination plantsSure, we have a water shortage in California. Saving resources and not being wasteful is always a good idea, with any resource.  
Treaty deal the only workable alternativeI think Congress should approve the arms treaty with Iran. The only alternative to the treaty would be an un-winnable war.  
Shouldn't politicize fire safety measuresI'm writing in response to recent letters regarding the partnership grant with FEMA for vegetation management in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills.  
Let's put some teeth in our fireworks lawsThere was a time when the Fourth of July was an enjoyable holiday. We now dread its approach because of the torment inflicted on our loving 12-year-old dog, Annie.  
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': Toy unboxing a swing and a miss

Too few toys and too much repetition turn the much-hyped 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens Global Toy Unboxing Live Stream Event' into an early snooze fest.