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Customer's attitude not worthy of paperThe condescension and let-them-eat-cake attitude that was Marni Jameson's March 29 column, "When the repairman is late," upset me.  
Board raising rates because of excessThe Alameda County Water District is raising rates again. Why do they need more money? To buy more water or cover rising labor costs?  
Must report more on the plight of seniorsLook at every major newspaper and you see strong and clear articles about our affordable housing crisis and how it's getting worse.  
State was right The state was correct by revoking tax-exempt status for Blue Shield. I don't know how well the government investigates organizations for tax-exempt status, but they sure dropped the ball in the case of Blue Shield spending millions for football tickets at the 49ers' Levi's Stadium.  
Urban forests lovely, but also dangerousThe author of the March 20 My Word, "We must save the trees along the East Bay hillsides," complains that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and regional officials plan to clear-cut 100,000 trees in the Oakland and Berkeley hills even though thousands of comments  
We must learn from New York tragedyToday I have learned a lesson from someone's tragedy.Seven very young children died because of a religious tradition.  
Big Soda misleading people on diabetesConsultant Lisa Katic's attempt to minimize the major role sugary drinks play in the nation's Type 2 diabetes and obesity epidemics is taken directly from the beverage industry's playbook.  
Tower provides East Bay delightful lightOn St. Patrick's Day, I was delighted to look out my window and see the blazing green lights of the Tribune Tower.  
Clinton did nothing wrong in email useIn their glee to find a scandal, the GOP and the media have neglected some important facts. The Clinton home had an encrypted secure server installed, which was protected by the secret service 24/7.  
Need politicians to protect resourcesCalifornia water issues are legendary, as noted in recent articles. In one, the Political Policy Institute of California suggests "more sweeping policy changes, such as stricter oversight of groundwater and charging wasteful users higher water rates.  
Sheriff conducting a great betrayalI was city editor at The Daily Review the day Michaela Garecht was kidnapped, kicking and screaming, from a Hayward market.  
Dietitian opposes commentaryAs a dietitian/consulting nutritionist and member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I strongly disagree with the author's message in the March 15 guest commentary, "Beverage warning labels distract from big picture.  
Not first time GOP meddled with IranThis is regarding the March 10 article "GOP undercuts Iran talks." Sen. Tom Cotton would, of course, be too young to remember, but following the 1979 student seizure of the U.  
Can't compromise American survivalThis question is another example of polls producing popular responses negating the Constitution's Bill of Rights. The U.  
Water district at it again, raising ratesAlameda County Water District is at it again. They propose a 30 percent service charge increase. Once again punishing those on fixed incomes.  
Should play hardball in team negotiationsIf Mark Davis were to threaten me with moving the Raiders, I would have handed this second-rate owner the number to Bekins.  
Front-page headline was just plain meanThe Feb. 25 front-page picture "Ha, Ha, Ha," was insensitive and inappropriate, to say the least. (Heartless is yet another word that comes to mind.  
Times editorial on UC is off baseYour editorial, "Cal program should return tainted money," regarding the UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy accepting a gift from former PUC President Michael Peevey is totally off base.  
Should not soak the taxpayers for sportsOf course not. Why should public money be used to fund any sports teams? The players are making millions of dollars, and the club owners certainly aren't hurting, either.  
Targeted for being a rising star?When I read about the senseless killing of Davon Ellis, I was struck with the thought that he might have been targeted simply because he was a rising star.  
Many are appalled by destruction of muralIt was with great sadness that I saw the awful destruction to our beloved Key Route mural at 41st Street and Piedmont Avenue in Oakland.  
Didn't love the love headlineThere are some things that may be said within a group of friends that shouldn't be headlines on the front page of a newspaper.  
About time we came around meat, dairyThe Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has finally mustered the courage to recommend that Americans eat less meat and dairy products.  
Arms makers benefit from war authorizationYou don't have to be a genius to comprehend who benefits most from any new congressional authorization for use of military force -- the military-industrial complex.  
Woman who hanged self mattered to usWe live about 50 feet from the estuary between Oakland and Alameda. There is a promenade where during the day people walk their dogs, socialize, bring their children to play.  
Schaaf right not to spend for stadiumI am delighted the new mayor of Oakland is unequivocal in her belief that the taxpayers of her city would not subsidize sports arenas under her watch.  
Should be outside probe in KensingtonThere seems to be a few problems with the situation with the Kensington Police Department's investigation. ("Kensington: Police chief ousted after stolen-gun scandal," Feb.  
New agency cannot possibly do the jobThe new agency created to curb threats in cyberspace can't work. Unasked in the question: Where is our greatest cyberspace threat?  
Congress should not attend speechJohn Boehner's invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, to address both houses of the U.S. Congress, without consulting the White House, is stirring a political storm in both the U.  
Nation must change eminent domain lawRecently, I read an article by Margery A. Beck of The Associated Press that a judge has halted the Keystone Pipeline -- at least, temporarily.  
( Alberto E. Rodriguez )
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