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    It's time for Oakland to kiss Raiders goodbyeSo, now the Oakland Raiders, after bilking taxpayers for $200 million and having the nerve to demand $400 million more, have signed on the powerhouse CEO of Walt Disney Co.  
    Immigrants to the U.S. need job opportunitiesA friend of mine sent me a picture of a Native American telling a Pilgrim that current immigration policy would not allow the Pilgrims to come to America.  
    Irony in extremists calling us crusadersI've been trying to make sense of the terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere. The Islamic militants can't seriously think that Europe, Russia and the Americas will give in and become good Muslims as a result of the violence against us.  
    Don't commit funds to keep the RaidersThanks to the author of the Nov. 17 letter, "It's very good way to be a one-term mayor," for writing the letter I wish I'd written -- warning Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf that she will be a one-term mayor if she commits one of our tax dollars to keep the Raiders  
    Should kill our 'war on drugs' industriesThe people are ready to legalize recreational marijuana.The question is whether our "war on drugs" industry proponents are ready.  
    A disservice to print letters that distortWe are all entitled to our opinions but not to our own facts. When the newspaper publishes a letter claiming fact and supporting these so-called facts with ad hominem attack, the paper does readers a vast disservice.  
    Editorial's language elicits bad responseAs a long-time subscriber to this paper, I was surprised and troubled by the use of the word "civilized" in Nov.  
    Still waiting to hear the condemnationsWe must be careful not to condemn all Muslims for the barbaric acts of Islamic terrorists. "Islam," we are told, means path to peace.  
    Don't let big utilities cripple rooftop solarMost Californians aren't aware that are big power utilities are desperately trying to kill independent rooftop solar.  
    Keystone XL was a bad idea from the startYes, President Barack Obama made the correct decision. This was a bad idea. The promise of jobs wasn't clearly expressed.  
    Killing elephants for ivory heartbreakingMy heart broke again when I read in the paper about 40 elephants poisoned with cyanide.To think that an elephant had to die just because of his ivory tusks.  
    HSR costs make no sense for usThe author of the Nov. 10 letter, "Criticism of HSR is not warranted," says we need high speed rail because other countries have it -- France, Spain, Japan, China.  
    Dobbs backers need to read the accountsDid backers of Hayward School Superintendent Stan Dobbs read the police reports filed with the Hayward Police Department after the Sept.  
    Congratulations for taking on Big SodaA year ago, Berkeley made history as the first city in America to pass a soda tax. Voters chose to put community health before corporate profits.  
    Rep. Paul Ryan just more of the sameIs Paul Ryan the right person for Speaker of the House? That depends upon your perspective and desires.If you believe a continuation of "Boehnerism" is right for our country, then, yes.  
    Many things going wrong for 49ersFirst things first; this is coming from a 49er fan of more than 35 years. The whole mess that is the 49er organization is a multi-headed beast:1.  
    Beautiful start to incredible programThe Youth Empowerment Program is composed of UC Berkeley students interested in social justice, health equity and immigrant rights.  
    Little justice in the jailing of teacherThe Oct. 28 article, "Jury finds woman not guilty of abuse after two years served," on Mia Cummings' acquittal spoke of justice, but I could see little justice in having an innocent woman locked up for two years.  
    Biden's decision really not surprisingNo surprise here. Vice President Joe Biden ran for president in 1988 and in 2008 and left the races early on.With Hillary Rodham Clinton leading the Democratic polls with a huge campaign contribution money chest, Biden would have to scramble to even get into  
    Schools need STEAM to stay competitiveCreativity lies at the heart of innovation, yet public schools have systematically defunded programs that encourage just that.  
    If Beane can waste water, I can showerGuess what? For the first time in ages, I took a shower with the water running the whole time. And it was glorious.  
    Retired teachers are amazing volunteersSince 1998, the first week in November has been designated by the California Retired Teachers Association as Retired Teachers Week, not only to spotlight our members' extensive volunteerism, but to encourage others to do the same.  
    Carbon tax plan is a much better answerI thank the paper for highlighting the importance of wetlands in protecting our region from some of the effects of climate change.  
    Obama should return his Nobel Peace PrizeNo, I do not support President Barack Obama's decision to halt military withdrawal from this illegal war in Afghanistan.  
    California must look west for its waterWith global warming, one rainy season will not end what promises to be a long series of very dry years. As an engineer, I know we need to build ourselves out of the water shortage, and not just hope for more rain.  
    Outsiders don't get Oakland's heritageI was saddened to hear the great choir of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has come under scrutiny for the level of sound produced by its famed choir.  
    What do we expect of the 'good guys'?In an Oct. 8 My Word the author's approach seems to involve arming every law-abiding citizen, which he asserts will deter the bad guys and present gun slingers with formidable opponents.  
    Corporatist, not left-wing, biasMisguided reactionaries bemoan the "lamestream media" and its imagined left-wing media bias. However, reality doesn't conform to that myopic worldview.  
    It is a matter of conjectureWhether enough is being done to deal with the drought is a matter of conjecture since the water system in California is so complex only a handful of experts can properly address the issue.  
    Raiders fans help grateful Broncos fanI attended the Oct. 11 game between the Broncos and the Raiders. Entering the stadium, I received some pointed but good-natured jabs about wearing Bronco Orange in "your house.  
    (Karen d'Souza)
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