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    Flawed report should not have been releasedThe Senate Intelligence Committee's report was flawed. No one from the CIA was interviewed or questioned about the methods of interrogation used to get information from the terrorist detainees.  
    Only those living are capable of speakingWhen applying a chokehold, the forearm is placed firmly against the throat, perpendicular to it and the underlying four hyoid bones located directly below the tongue.  
    A merry season means safe decoratingThe holiday season is in full swing, and many families begin the festive tradition of lighting their homes and businesses.  
    Reasonable people must find an answerI've got friends who are police officers. I've got friends who are protesting.Cops feel that any traffic stop, domestic violence call or confrontation could result in their death.  
    City ignored the sick tree for many yearsWe have a three-story-tall tree in front of our house. It belongs to the city of Oakland. Over the years, the tree has grown and has been neglected.  
    Cameras would protect the police and othersI thoroughly agree with the idea that if police were required to wear cameras at all times, it would help their safety plus they would not be careless of the rights of others.  
    Want to live in world that centers on loveWhy, as a retailer, would I support protests? Because I come from a family that has worn their feet raw marching and shouting for equality -- in addition to being African-American.  
    All races should be appalled by killingsAmid a largely white protest in Berkeley and Oakland on Dec. 7, the news reported a black bystander saying that whites don't have the right to protest police killing of black men.  
    Cartoonist hit the mark with drawingKudos to cartoonist Brian Basset for his Dec. 7 cartoon, "Red and Rover," with his remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day in his addressing the day from the perspective of the dog whose best friend would never come home.  
    Looters and vandals should pay steep priceEver since Oscar Grant III was shot dead on New Year's Day six years ago, downtown Oakland has had to endure an unending series of violent demonstrations over this and other issues.  
    An unconscious bias must be overcome America has defined itself from its inception as a nation committed to equality under the law. But this concept did not apply to African Americans until passage of the 14th amendment in 1866 and still wasn't true almost 100 years later when the 1964 Civil Rights  
    Lee was out of line in her commentsTo the Ferguson, Missouri, decision, Rep. Barbara Lee said, "Like everyone in our community, I am devastated by the senseless murder of yet another black man.  
    State senator's idea subverts processSome individuals, including Missouri Democratic State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, wanted St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCullough, a Democrat, either removed or recused from the volatile Ferguson case and replaced with a special prosecutor.  
    Letter writing a lost art in need of revivalThe postal worker recently delivered a letter from Japan from the wife of my pen pal Shuichi, telling me he had died.  
    Do not impose your beliefs on my actionI am happy that the author of the Nov. 21 letter "Suicide must never be an answer to pain" is firm in her belief that God is the author of our lives and deaths.  
    Action is illegal and cannot be supportedI do not support President Barack Obama's executive action.He went around the Constitution, which requires that Congress writes a law and the president either signs it or vetoes it.  
    The Citizens United decision has got to goWhen even Warren Buffett cannot convince people that we aren't taxing wealthy people sufficiently, I ponder: What will wake people up?  
    A theater education is worth the moneyI am a 16-year-old junior at Northgate High School who has worked with various theater groups for the past seven years.  
    Consulting database is not right answerThe medical profession shares The Bay Area News Group's interest in curbing prescription drug abuse. As an example, last year we supported legislation to re-establish a monitoring program that will be funded out of physicians' medical license fees.  
    All measures should reveal health impactOn Election Day, I stepped into the voting booth and looked at the numerous initiatives. The fiscal impacts descriptions for the propositions caught my eye.  
    New climate greement an important milestoneThe carbon emissions agreement between the United States and China is an important first step.Slowing and then reversing human-caused climate change is the most important issue facing the world.  
    It's time to get smart on use of antibioticsThis week is Get Smart about Antibiotics Week. Since they were developed in the 1940s, antibiotics have been one of the most important tools in modern medicine.  
    Must educate public on sexual violenceThis week is a National Week of Action to get students on college campuses educated and involved in preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence.  
    Residents not happy with 'Infinity Park'There is controversy around the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League's plan to have an "Infinity Park" at Mission Boulevard and Hampton Road.  
    A special new rate helping create jobsAs cities and counties throughout Northern and Central California continue to suffer serious unemployment, PG&E and its local teams are working to keep businesses and their jobs in California.  
    'Death with dignity' law might just passAnyone who is suffering, in real bad pain, and is going to die in a very short time with something that there is no cure for should be able to end their life peacefully if they can.  
    Dictatorship of the proletariat beginsWho knew that Oakland voters had the power to force Oakland business owners to give raises and sick leave? Man, we're just getting started.  
    Paper highlights difference in partiesThe Nov. 9 paper was an eye-opener. On A6, I read about the red-hot job market, complete with a chart showing the Bay Area jobs total over time.  
    Election is history, get back togetherNow that the election is over, it is time for the people of Union City to come together and start the healing process.  
    Partnership should be debated in publicThe Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive, 29-chapter pact designed to set rules governing approximately 40 percent of the global economy.