Livermore: Las Positas cadaver program gives powerful anatomy lesson

Over the course of each semester, more than 100 anatomy students, most of them working toward careers in health care, will watch demonstration dissections and examine the dissected cadaver. The use of student dissectors teaching other students makes this program extraordinary, says instructor Ann Hight, Ph.D. 
City OKs $100,000 study to find ways to add 400 spaces downtown.  
Through Oct. 31 Pirates of Emerson -- 7:05 to 10 p.m. Oct. 15, 18, 22, 25, 28-29; 7:05 to 11 p.m. Oct. 16 and 23; and 7:05 to midnight, Oct. 17, 24, 30-31.  
Parent group donates more than 1900 books, cites growing need  
Page Mill Winery is owned by winemaker Dane and Angela Stark. Dane's father, Dick Stark, founded Page Mill in 1976 at the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Dane took off a semester in 1989 to explore the family business and has been with the winery since graduating college. He took over the winery in 1996 and in 2004 moved it to the serenity of the Livermore Valley.  
In an ongoing effort to fund Tri-Valley organizations that benefit veterans, the Veterans First Program at Las Positas College has teamed up with six other local nonprofits to bring the first Cycling 4 Veterans event to Livermore.  
Gun ownership, homicide rates are unrelatedAfter the recent murders in Oregon, pundits have opined that such horrific crimes would be curtailed if not eliminated if there were much stricter gun control laws.  
It's that time of year when our schools' cross-country teams can be seen running through the streets of town, long limbs flying and ponytails swinging.  
The event will shine a spotlight on numerous Alamo eateries, along with local businesses, in addition to the Danville Area Chamber and Animal Rescue Foundation, which will also have tables set up along the path of Danville Boulevard from the Alamo Women's Club to the Andrew Young Park and Oak Tree Plaza.  
Yep, I plan to spend the entire month lying on the couch (covered with a spider web throw), eating bags of Halloween candy (pumpkin spice candy corn!), watching hideous movies (Jason vs. Freddy vs. Michael vs. Chuckie vs. Abbot and Costello), wearing my Sexy French Maid costume (with a shawl and socks) and just "Chillering" out until November, when the "other" holiday season begins.  
( Dan Honda )
YouTube stars achieving Hollywood-like fame

YouTube has become the place where comedians, musicians, lifestyle and beauty gurus and others go hoping to get discovered, like the Tinseltown starlets of yore. The top five YouTube stars -- the most popular people you have probably never heard of -- now have more subscribers than Mexico has people.