Cal Poly SLO seeks to cover up felon name on stadium scoreboard

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is asking a judge to allow the university to cover up the name of a convicted felon on its stadium scoreboard. 
Hundreds auditioned for a spot on the Mexican or U.S. national or developmental teams, pro teams and soccer academies as scouts watched two recruiting scrimmages run by Alianza de Fútbol Hispano, a soccer promoter and recruiter for pro leagues that holds annual auditions aimed at Latino players in the United States.  
The legislation awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown s signature would prohibit the sale or disclosure of information, targeted ads based on school information and creation of student profiles not for educational purposes. It would also require educational tech data to be kept secure.  
Ray Rodriguez -- vying to unseat incumbent Newark Mayor Alan Nagy -- says he will stay on the board despite plan to launch recall campaign against him.  
Hoping to turn around dismal education outcomes for kids in Oakland's most impoverished and violent neighborhood, a group of East Oakland leaders won approval to create a 'transformation' charter elementary school.  
The California Legislature on Thursday sent to the governor Senate Bill 967, which would require all colleges taking student financial aid funding from the state to agree that in investigations of campus sexual assaults, silence or lack of resistance does not imply a green light for sex, and that drunkenness is not an acceptable defense.  
The school district is apologizing to parents of special education students who were left on the side of the road this week when a new school bus vendor failed to pick them up, calling the situation 'embarrassing and unacceptable.'  
Cupertino student leaves International Geographic Olympiad early to get home for school, finds out later that he placed first.  
On her Twitter feed, a Newark Memorial High School teacher was explicit about her desires for her students. She wanted to pour coffee on them. She wanted to stab them. Some of them, she said, "make my trigger finger itchy."  
New era of education financing requires someone willing to make tough, even unpopular, decisions. Foster better meets that requirement.