Milpitas youth football players' birth certificates stolen in Hayward

Personal information about 80 Milpitas Knights and their parents lost during auto burglary 
Photo courtesy of LOV
The League of Volunteers' 34th annual Free Summer Recreation in the Parks program brought together more than 300 children at Newark's Civic Center Park on July 24 for a fun-filled day called Field Trip in the Park.  
We test them almost to death, we make them play sports until their arms fall off and their knees implode. Now we're taking away our children's summers.  
California community college students can register for classes early if they attend orientation and develop an education plan.  
Tracy Bennett
Dissecting the De La Salle movie, from the 'yes, that really happened' to nitpicky fabrications.  
The state Senate approved legislation Tuesday that would prevent California schools from expelling students for willfully defying school authorities, a punishment that activists say is unevenly applied and disproportionately affects minority students.  
Courtesy of Shannon Muck
The body of a man found Wednesday in Kings Canyon National Park is that of a Santa Cruz hiker Gregory Muck, who has been missing since Sunday, state authorities said Thursday. Muck was a teacher in Fremont.  
Courtesy of Shannon Muck
The Kings National Park search for a 46-year-old Santa Cruz hiker and Fremont elementary school teacher was suspended temporarily Wednesday after park officials located a body near Mount Gardiner in Kings Canyon National Park.  
In 2014, California's graduating class of students scored higher than those across the country on ACT college readiness tests in English, reading, math and science. However, only 29 percent of California's high school graduates took the tests, compared to 57 percent nationwide.  
The appointment could be considered a homecoming for Sean McPhetridge, who has worked on-and-off for the Alameda Unified School District for the past 14 years.  
When The Game Stands Tall': Where are the De La Salle players now?

CHRIS BILLERDe La Salle class: 2004Position: LT/DECollege: CalOccupation: Technical recruiterDe La Salle impact: "My experience playing football at De La Salle taught me how important work ethic, accountability, and mental toughness is in succeeding.