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Powering electric cars with solar panels rises in popularity

Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with sunlight. 
PACIFIC GROVE >> Building a super-energy-efficient home from scratch is one thing. Remodeling an older home to meet the same standards is quite another.  
Using batteries to store power from rooftop solar panels will be too expensive for at least two years, according to industry executives.  
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Roadshow: The rules on charging electric vehicles in city lots

According to state law, EVs can be towed if not being charged. However, most cities are not enforcing this law for several reasons. 
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U.S., California release solar roadmap

State and federal officials sought Tuesday to bring order to California's boom for renewable-energy plants in the Mojave and other southern California deserts, releasing a roadmap covering 22. 
Energy storage: The hot new thing in Silicon Valley

Battery-based energy storage — for homes, businesses and the electric grid — is a hot new industry in Silicon Valley, driven by advances in battery chemistry and state policies. California sees energy storage as one tool to better manage the electric grid, integrate a growing amount of solar and wind and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.