• Treating pets like children - 11/20/2014 04:34 PM PST
    ( Laura A. Oda )
    Oakland woman brings health care and sense of home to local immigrants

    Former undocumented worker has built pioneering health program for day laborers and the needy all over Oakland 
    Scouting for ways to serve: 'Hometown Hero' Tom Steuber of Lafayette
    LAFAYETTE -- By the time Tom Steuber first went camping, he was an adult. He was put on "suspension" for bad behavior by his family and warned he wouldn't be included in future trips if he couldn't be a good sport. 

    John Iwawaki shows middle school students the world outside Richmond
    Hometown Hero John Iwawaki founded the ESCAPE Club 15 years ago to take Richmond middle school students on educational trips to environmental treasures such as Mount Diablo, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the snowy Sierras to learn about the world around them. Students, who call him "Mr. I," said Iwawaki is a role model who teaches them about science and ecology in a fun way, while helping them to build life skills such as teamwork, cooperation and perseverance.  

    Celebrating the people in the Bay Area who make a difference in the communities

      Hometown Heroes celebrates people in the Bay Area who make a difference in their communities. In addition to highlighting remarkable individuals, the Hometown Heroes feature aims to encourage volunteerism, raise visibility of nonprofits and key causes in the area and create a spirit of giving.

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