Jahi McMath: New tests may not be enough to declare her alive, experts say

As the argument about whether Jahi McMath is alive or dead hangs in limbo, some medical experts who have reviewed her case say evidence presented so far is likely not enough to convince a judge to declare the brain dead girl alive. 
Stanford doctor who examined Jahi McMath last year sticks by diagnosis that she is brain-dead
The independent Stanford doctor who declared Jahi McMath brain-dead last year said new documentation presented by the 13-year-old girl's attorney is not enough to convince him to change his mind.  

Jahi McMath: Family breaks silence on brain-dead girl's condition
The members of Jahi McMath's family broke their months-long silence Friday to talk about the 13-year-old brain-dead girl's time in New Jersey, her condition, and their hope that she can return to Oakland.  

(Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Getty Images)
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