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  • Sharks-Kings matchups - 04/16/2014 10:07 PM PDT
  • NBA: Wednesday's highlights - 04/16/2014 11:53 PM PDT
    Tim Kawakami
    Kawakami: Aldon Smith's 2014 season with 49ers in serious jeopardy

    Team sources indicate that troubled linebacker Aldon Smith hasn't only lost the benefit of the doubt, he probably won't play for the 49ers in 2014. 
    Mark Purdy
    ( Josie Lepe )
    Purdy: Kings' depth could hurt San Jose Sharks

    The San Jose Sharks need to put together an extra line to combat the Los Angeles Kings' four-line strategy.
    Bud Geracie
    ( )
    Wake of the Week archive: Trouble for local hero 10 years ago

    Bud Geracie's archived column from 2004 that takes a sideways look back at the local and national sports scene 

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