Berkeley: State Supreme Court ruling does little to clarify fate of proposed north side mansion

Lotus Development Corp. founder Mitchell Kapor plans a 6,478-square-foot house with a 10-car garage in a part of the Berkeley Hills steeped in architectural history. 
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Oakland's minimum wage hike went into effect Monday providing a significant raise to the city's lowest paid workers.The law raises the minimum hourly wage from $9 as set by the state to $12.  
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In her work at the Maynard Institute, Maynard visited newsrooms across the country to teach the institute's Fault Lines training, which got journalists to recognize their own biases so they could do a better job in writing stories where race, class and gender entered the narrative.  
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The 3.5-mile-long Irvington Tunnel has carried most of the system's water from Sunol Valley to Fremont since 1932, staying in service without a single break since 1966.  
The case of a bank emplolyee who investigators say admitted to stealing the life savings of an elderly Livermore man with Alzheimer's disease will move to Hayward after a Pleasanton judge refused to drop charges of elder abuse.  
Amid the flashing lights and dinging bells, the museum has gained popularity as a destination for kids' birthday parties. Or a place to unleash the kid that exists in all of us regardless of age. Most importantly, the museum stands as a tribute to one of the nation's, if not the world's, favorite past activities. Just don't confuse the Pacific Pinball Museum for an arcade. Actually, it's more than just a tribute, too.  
Medi-Cal now serves nearly half of the state's children and youths -- causing many parents, advocates and policy makers to question the system's capacity to adequately serve them.  
As the number of measles cases in California over the past 2 months rose Friday to 130, the Golden State is still battling its worst whooping cough epidemic in seven decades -- all of which is making many Californians wonder if they're here to stay.  
A Hayward resident told police nine suspects attacked him, beat him with a baseball bat then carjacked him outside his apartment on the 27000 block of Manon Avenue on Sunday.  
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Arguing that Sacramento has failed to fulfill its fiscal obligations, Napolitano plans to raise tuition 5 percent this fall. Brown has threatened to withhold about $120 million in state funds unless the university keeps tuition and nonresident enrollment flat.  
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A feral cat who came to stay

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