Why religions don't oppose vaccines

01/31/2015 09:38 PM PST
Gov. Jerry Brown directed the California Department of Public Health to allow for a separate religious exemption for vaccination counseling. But research from the California Immunization Coalition reveals found that few, if any, religions actually oppose vaccination. The only vocal critic is Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who claimed the flu vaccine was designed to kill people. 
Measles outbreak raises fury over California's vaccine exemptions
01/31/2015 07:51 PM PST - California's permissive vaccine law is under fire as the state struggles to contain a fast-moving outbreak of measles, a once-controlled infectious disease that has sickened more than 90 people across the state and threatens many more. 

Medical pot in Oakland: Appeals court weighs fate of 'superstore'
01/31/2015 01:04 PM PST - Federal appeals court on Tuesday to consider Oakland's attempt to prevent the federal government from shuttering Harborside medical marijuana dispensary, the largest medicinal cannabis shop in the nation 

San Francisco: Man found with suitcase with human remains arrested
01/31/2015 05:59 PM PST - San Francisco police have arrested a man in connection with a suitcase found on a downtown street stuffed with dismembered human remains.  

Bay Bridge radar beacon is broken, increasing oil spill risk
01/30/2015 10:15 PM PST - The beacon, which alerts sailors to the midpoint between bridge towers, has failed to work properly since Dec. 17. 

Hospitals' dumping of drunk patients would be barred by controversial California bill
01/30/2015 07:11 PM PST - Hospitals that refuse to treat severely intoxicated patients and instead have them arrested would face steep fines of up to $300,000 per incident under a controversial bill unveiled Friday.

Roses blooming in Northern California tide pools: Warm ocean currents bring Hopkins' rose sea slug
01/30/2015 11:47 AM PST - Roses are blooming in Central and Northern California tide pools, leaving scientists scratching their heads. 

Weak Sierra snow pack suggests another year of drought
01/30/2015 12:15 PM PST - Snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountain range has decreased in the month of January, fueling concerns that California may have to endure a fourth consecutive year of drought, the Department of Water Resources announced Thursday.  

Sutter Health, Blue Shield reach two-year agreement
01/30/2015 03:59 PM PST - Sutter Health and Blue Shield of California on Friday announced that they have agreed to a new two-year contract, preserving patient access to the doctors and hospitals for its Blue Shield customers. 

Two Sacramento-area patients test negative for Ebola
01/30/2015 09:04 PM PST - State public health officials said both patients were considered low risk for Ebola and by Friday, tests confirmed neither had the virus. 

Suge Knight arrested in deadly hit-and-run
01/30/2015 09:46 AM PST - Death Row Records founder Marion 'Suge' Knight was arrested on suspicion of murder early Friday, hours after the rap music figure turned himself in to authorities in a hit-and-run wreck that killed a man and injured another near Los Angeles. 

California parks: New funding, better accountability needed to stop decline, new report says
01/30/2015 10:42 PM PST - California's venerable state parks -- from sunny Los Angeles beaches to towering redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains -- are under 'serious stress' and suffering from declining budgets, shorter hours, higher fees, a $1.3 billion maintenance backlog and outdated technology.

Suspected Ebola patient hospitalized at U.C. Davis Medical Center
01/30/2015 06:18 AM PST - SACRAMENTO -- A patient with symptoms consistent with Ebola infection is being evaluated at the UC Davis Medical Center, state Public Health Department officials said Thursday. 

California, U.S. energy plan to aid apartment dwellers
01/30/2015 06:20 AM PST - California Gov. Jerry Brown and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announced partnerships Thursday to expand financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy in multifamily, affordable housing. 

Junipero Serra 'very courageous' but not perfect, Jerry Brown says
01/29/2015 01:40 PM PST - Gov. Jerry Brown, who once studied to become a Catholic priest, said sainthood for Junipero Serra is up to the pope, but he understands that there is the 'subtle point that sometimes is hard to understand: that tragedy and good and evil often are inherent in the same situation.'

San Francisco: 3-year-old child hit by car in Mission District
01/29/2015 12:50 PM PST - A 3-year-old child was hit by a car while crossing 21st Street in San Francisco's Mission District this morning, authorities said.

PCH closure: Highway 1 north of Malibu won't reopen on schedule
01/29/2015 09:41 AM PST - CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) -- A 9-mile stretch of Pacific Coast Highway will remain closed for another month. 

Rare Sierra Nevada red fox spotted in Yosemite park
01/29/2015 09:05 AM PST - The first confirmed sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox in Yosemite National Park in nearly a century has been confirmed by park officials.  

Measles outbreak with Disney park origins grows to 95 cases
01/29/2015 09:16 AM PST - A measles outbreak whose spread originated at Disneyland has grown to 95 cases.  

Marin family crusades for schools to ban unvaccinated children
01/29/2015 08:41 AM PST - Rhett Krawitt fought the nausea, the baldness, the exhaustion from chemotherapy for more than half his life. Now that his leukemia is in remission, the 6-year-old faces a new worry: catching measles.  

PPIC poll: Happy times are here again
01/28/2015 09:12 PM PST - Optimism about California's growing economy and healthy state budget has yielded record-high approval ratings for Gov. Jerry Brown, the state Legislature and even President Barack Obama, a new survey shows.

Stanford rape: Bystander intervention, too late to prevent attack, leads to arrest
01/29/2015 05:34 AM PST - Two still unidentified cyclists who interrupted a Stanford varsity swimmer who was allegedly raping a passed-out woman are being hailed as the models of 'See Something, Say Something'' -- the watchwords for a nationwide campaign to change attitudes about campus rape.  

Battle between Blue Shield, Sutter Health turns patients into 'pawns'
01/29/2015 01:15 PM PST - Health care experts say the showdowns will continue because of two trends: hospital consolidations and Medicare and Medicaid payment rates consuming a larger share of hospital revenue. 

California drought: Sierra snowpack measuring is a lot more complex than it looks
01/29/2015 09:34 AM PST - Today, snow sensors scattered through the Sierra Nevada, satellite imagery and aerial flybys augment the 106-year-old 'manual survey.' The technology helps to provide a clearer round-the-clock update of California's water conditions that water agencies need to manage our water for the rest of the year.

5.7 earthquake hits off coast near Eureka
01/28/2015 02:19 PM PST - A moderate earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.7 has struck off the coast of Northern California.

California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat
01/28/2015 12:19 PM PST - SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California health officials on Wednesday declared electronic cigarettes a health threat that should be strictly regulated like tobacco products, joining other states and health advocates across the U. 

Plan to raise Shasta Dam takes hit after federal biologists say they can't support it
01/29/2015 10:26 AM PST - Biologists at the main federal agency that oversees the Endangered Species Act have concluded that they cannot endorse a $1.1 billion plan to raise the height of the dam at California's largest reservoir, Shasta Lake, because of its impact on endangered salmon. 

NTSB: Systemic flaws in safety oversight of gas pipelines
01/27/2015 02:35 PM PST - WASHINGTON -- Three powerful accidents in recent years highlight weaknesses in the oversight of how natural gas providers maintain the largest pipelines in their networks, accident investigators said Tuesday as they issued more than two dozen safety recommendations. 

California measles outbreak: What you need to know
01/29/2015 06:03 AM PST - Your grandma had it. But suddenly measles is back on the West Coast -- a rare outbreak that on Wednesday jumped from 73 to 79 reported cases in California and has left many of us asking questions about the highly infectious disease. 

Stanford swimmer arrested, charged with felony sex assault
01/30/2015 10:05 AM PST - Brock Allen Turner, 19, was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on Jan. 18 on suspicion of attempted rape and penetration with a foreign object of an unconscious, intoxicated woman. He was released on $150,000 bail.  

Eddie Murphy returning to 'Saturday Night Live'

The actor and comedian will appear on “SNL’s” 40th anniversary episode, marking his first time on the show in 31 years.