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Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, aka "El Molca," the alleged founder and leader of a criminal organization known as "The Resistance" flashes two thumbs up during his media presentation at the Federal Police headquarters after his detention in Mexico City, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. A spokesman for the federal police said "The Resistance" is a criminal gang that dates back to 2010 and is comprised of former members of the Gulf, Family and Millennium cartels and is now allegedly in alliance with the Zetas cartel. The Mexican government was offering a one million peso (about 76,000 dollars) reward for the capture of Pozos Gonzalez.
MEXICO CITY—Mexican police have captured a founding member and leader of a drug-trafficking gang based in western Mexico.

Mexican federal police anti-drug chief Ramon Pequeno says agents captured Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez in central Mexico State.

Pequeno says Pozos is a founding member of La Resistencia drug gang, which operates in Mexico City and the states of Jalisco, Michoacan and Mexico.

Pequeno says La Resistencia was created in 2010 by former members of the Gulf, La Familia and Milenio drug cartels. La Resistencia later formed an alliance with the brutal Zetas drug cartel.

The 42-year-old Pozos smiled and gave two thumbs up when he was paraded before journalists Wednesday.