Jonathan Lamp
Jonathan Lamp

A brother of a Lawndale man gunned down at a Harbor Gateway bus stop said Monday he knows of no reason why someone would want to kill him.

Jonathan Lamp, 23, died Saturday afternoon at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, shortly after he was shot on Vermont Avenue at Gardena Boulevard, police said.

"He was honest. He was hardworking. He was kind. He was never stingy. He was never greedy," his brother, Jedidiah Lamp, said Monday. "There was no reason this should have happened to my brother at all."

Every week, Lamp rode the No. 3 Gardena Transit bus to get his hair cut at his favorite barber shop. He was very particular about his barber.

Lamp was waiting for the bus to return home at 2:50 p.m. when at least one gunman walked up to him. Police said they engaged in some conversation before the gunman fired several times, hitting Lamp in the chest.

"This is broad daylight on a main boulevard," the brother said.

Los Angeles police Detective Sal LaBarbera said Lamp was not robbed and the motive was unknown. Lamp was not a gang member, police and family members said.

"He was a good kid," his brother said. "That kid was too sweet. He was too humble. I think my brother got into about two fights his whole life."

Lamp grew up in Gardena and attended Peary Middle School and Gardena High School. He worked for Neutrogena Corp. near Los Angeles International Airport.

"He was a tax-paying citizen," the brother said.


"He paid his rent every single month. He was a very responsible person. He was so pure."

Lamp was one of four boys and a girl. His mother and father are devastated, Jonathan Lamp said.

"All my little brother wanted was to look presentable, to look classy," his brother said. "He never sagged his pants. He never wore super-baggy clothes. I always pictured my little brother going out as an old man on his death bed. He was an honest, hardworking citizen."

Lamp rode the bus because he didn't have a car, his brother said. He was hoping to buy one as soon as he got this year's tax refund.

Police asked anyone with information about the homicide to call detectives at 213-485-4341.

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