Tom Cruise will play Jack Reacher again in a sequel to the cleverly-titled 2012 film "Jack Reacher," based on the novels written by Lee Child about ... Jack Reacher, according to

This movie would be based on the most recent Reacher novel "Never Go Back," which was published in September. It was Child's 18th book in the series, in which Reacher returns to the Virginia headquarters of his old military police unit and is arrested for a crime he doesn't remember committing 16 years earlier.

Would this be a good time to point out that, in all 18 books, Reacher is described as 6-foot-5 and basically relies on brute strength to routinely beat up three or four guys at a time?

Tom Cruise is about a foot smaller than that. But what the heck -- the last movie grossed $216 million worldwide so, as far as Paramount is concerned, Jack Reacher is about a foot shorter than in the books.

According to Variety, the studio is still looking for a writer to adapt "Never Go Back" and has not selected a director. Christopher McQuarrie directed "Jack Reacher" from his own script with Cruise, Paula Wagner, Gary Levinsohn and Dana Goldberg producing.

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