There's trouble in Camp Judd.

Ashley Judd is accusing sister Wynonna Judd of putting a tracking device on her car to spy on her, according to legal documents filed by Ashley and obtained by ABC News.

Maybe she just wanted to find out where all the cool parties were.

Filed last month, the report reportedly says a Tennessee mechanic discovered a wireless GPS tracking device on a Mini Cooper owned by Ashley.

That's shocking. It's almost too much to believe. I mean, a movie star driving a Mini Cooper?

The 45-year-old actress "believes the device was placed there by Wynonna," the documents reportedly say.

The report also reportedly says the reported device was reportedly traced to a reported private investigator, who was reportedly "working for Wynonna Judd."

I just wanted to make sure I did enough reporting on that last paragraph.

So, as the story goes, the investigator gave the device to Wynonna, who had ex-husband Arch Kelley hide it on Ashley's car. According to TMZ, Ashley talked to police and pointed the finger at her sister, whose lawyer reportedly told police and said the whole was a misunderstanding and that the singer was merely trying to track her daughter, whom she knew had been driving the vehicle.

Why can't these people just settle their differences by screaming at each other on Thanksgiving, like the rest of us?

Reps for Ashley and Wynonna have not commented on the situation ... probably because they haven't sorted it out yet.

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