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The Piedmont Middle School sixth-grade tradition is to gather for donuts outside the Piedmont Recreation Department, across the street, on the first day of school. The sixth-graders pose for a group photo on Aug. 20.

ABOVE: Students fill the Piedmont Middle School quad on Aug. 20, the first day of school.

LEFT: Piedmont High juniors Jackson Parker, Russell Rivera, Nate Stephens, Douglass Wu and Grant Palmer relax during their lunch break in Piedmont Park on the first day.

BELOW LEFT: Eighth-graders, from left, Kiana Kasrovi, Lilli Brien and Isabelle Wilson eat their first-day ice cream.

BELOW CENTER: Piedmont Middle School eighth-graders Sierra Gerard and Avni Wadhwani have ice cream sandwiches.

BELOW RIGHT: These Piedmont Middle School seventh-graders eat popsicles -- a school tradition -- in the multipurpose room. In front is Fiona Hunter. In the middle row, from left, are: Isabelle Ziegler, Ceci Brien, Sabrina Grammer, Tali Cooper and Lily Orta. In the back row is Cole Swenson. Josie Gross-Whitaker jumped too high to get her face in the picture.

photos Courtesy of Jennifer Fox