Talk Back: Refugees
Should the U.S. accept refugees from Syria and Iraq?

(Tell us why or why not?)
Drummond: Comic books finding new audiences

Oakland's new Cape and Cowl courts Bay Area comic books fans 
Cartoons: Donald Trump is Mr. Outrageous

These cartoonists in this compiled slideshow have a field day with the latest antics from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He claims to have seen thousands of Muslims celebrate after the collapse of the World Trade Center amid attacks in 2001. 
Nov. 27 letters to the editor

It's time for Oakland to kiss Raiders goodbyeSo, now the Oakland Raiders, after bilking taxpayers for $200 million and having the nerve to demand $400 million more, have signed on the powerhouse CEO of Walt Disney Co. 
( Jon Kawamoto )
My Word: Alameda gateway container project offers much to oppose

I believe a majority of Alamedans strongly disapprove of containers being installed at the gateway to Alameda. I've heard many comments that they are "ugly" and "cheap looking." I've heard that these might be all right in the Harbor Bay Business Park, where they might look cute or trendy.  
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Thomas Sowell: People must think about what the politicians are really saying

It is amazing how many different ways the same thing can be said, creating totally different impressions. For example, when President Barack Obama says that defeating ISIS is going to take a long time, how is that different from saying that he is going to do very little, very slowly? 
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(Karen d'Souza)
Gift guide: Five best ideas for busy moms

From a spa day in a box to grownup coloring books, here are five fab finds for the stressed-out mom in your life.