Talk Back: California drought
Do you think California has done enough to address current drought conditions?

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Oakland Tribune editorial: Russia's actions dangerous, but not surprising

Once again, the world strains to understand Russia's provocative entry into another nation's civil war. And, once again, to us the reasons are both simple and extremely worrisome -- no, make that extremely dangerous. 
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Drummond: A disaster to lose Oakland emergency readiness group

Oakland's Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, or CARD, trains nonprofits to respond to vulnerable populations during a disaster but will go out of business if it doesn't raise $100,000. 
(Nate Beeler)
Oct 10 letters to the editor

Gun control needed to stop the violenceI endorse gun control. The shooting rampage that killed nine innocent young students at the community college in Oregon has forced my views about an assault weapons ban. 
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Dana Milbank: John Kasich may be the Jon Huntsman of 2016

On paper, John Kasich is a perfect candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He has a long record as a fiscal and social conservative, and he's the popular governor of Ohio, a must-win state for any Republican hoping to occupy the Oval Office. 
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Living like 'The Golden Girls': Shared housing for seniors a practical option

Home-sharing that includes splitting expenses, divvying up chores and keeping each other company has become an increasingly popular option for older single people who want to maintain independence, yet don't want to live alone.