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Oakland Tribune editorial: Nepal needs our help and compassion

Aftershocks of heartache and horror reverberate the world over as the magnitude of the earthquake that wracked Nepal Saturday sinks in.The 7.8 Richter reading fails utterly to capture the scale of death, destruction and now heroic rescue mobilization to save the trapped and injured and sustain 
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November 2014 election recommendations from the Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune editorial board

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April 28 Letters to the editor

Consider noise when reviewing restaurantsRecently, this newspaper published an article about Oliveto in Oakland, which had undergone an extensive -- and expensive -- renovation to lower the noise level. 
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Leonard Pitts: What's partisan about fact?

"Obama is a Muslim," it said. "That is a FACT." As best I can recall -- my computer ate the email -- that was how the key line went in a reader missive that had me doing a double take last week. 
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