Talk Back: Cigarette tax
Do you support a $2 a pack increase in the state's cigarette tax?

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Oakland Tribune editorial: Time for President Obama to provide the Port Chicago 50 the justice they deserved

It's time. Indeed, it's long past time for the nation to acknowledge the travesty, the racism to be more precise, of prosecuting 50 African-American sailors for mutiny after they refused to return to work following the horrific World War II explosion at Port Chicago. 
For almost two decades Iran's nuclear program has been the source of serious concern for the United States and the broader international community. Iran has enough material to develop a nuclear weapon in two to three months.  
At the E. 12th Street Wish List planning forum last month, affordable-housing activists and community members gathered under tents to exchange ideas, listen to music and brainstorm about their community vision for a small, hotly contested parcel of land at the southwest corner of Lake Merritt.  
Drummond: Paying violent offenders not to shoot

Richmond violence prevention program that pays violent offenders a stipend not to shoot may be coming to Oakland  
(Clay Bennett)
Sept. 4 letters to the editor

Inescapable irony in humane death viewsAm I the only one who finds it incredibly ironic that while we are spending untold amounts of money on finding a way to humanely kill people on death row so they will not suffer, we are also spending untold amounts of money to keep people whose bodies have 
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