• Nokia losses hurt Microsoft earnings - 07/22/2014 02:01 PM PDT
    Online calculators can assist with many financial choices

    The annual Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that 25 percent of workers who have done a retirement-savings-needs calculation feel very confident about being able to afford a comfortable retirement. 
    A 50/50 mix of stocks and bonds or heavily weighted (perhaps 90 percent) stocks buttressed by a cash side fund to weather periodic crashes. Either approach offers a vast improvement over the mindless annuities and target date retirement funds routinely foisted on retirees by the financial services industry.  
    The settlement stems from poorly underwritten mortgages that were assembled into securities by Citi and sold during the heady days of the housing bubble when subprime lending dramatically expanded.
    Nonprofit organization Goodwill Industries Inc. is working with federal officials to investigate a possible security breach.  
    Frederik Ferschke
    Helping to quench a growing thirst for American craft beer overseas, some of the United States' largest craft breweries are setting up shop in Europe, challenging the very beers that inspired them on their home turfs.
    When it comes to designing coveted collectible toys for sale at Comic-Con, the annual celebration of pop culture lifting off Thursday in San Diego, the sky's the limit for the designers at Mattel.  
    This barren, desert prison is where O.J. Simpson lives

    Some here call it the 'O.J. House,' the only gated community in a vast stretch of desert rich in gold and silver, pioneer trails and proud, isolated towns north of Reno. 
    ( Doug Duran )
    Review: Sideboard shines in new, bigger Danville location

    One of Danville's most popular restaurants moves from cramped quarters at the former Danville Hotel to a spacious new location but continues serving up delicious, high-quality sandwiches, salads and pastas.