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Wolverton: Paperless society remains a distant dream

The notion of a paperless society has been discussed for 40 years. While the technology to make it happen is here, we're still a long way from going paper-free. 
Today, April 15, is Tax Day. From revenue to refunds, here's tax data at a glance.  
The health care sector of the mutual fund industry has been on fire for the past five years and anyone buying one of the several health care funds as of the end of 2009 would have tripled their money by the end of last year. The 10-year average annual return has been about 15 percent. So now what?  
The discounter partnered with the Lilly Pulitzer brand to carry a collection of 250 pieces for a fraction of the price of the Palm Beach designer's original merchandise. But the offer, which included $38 pink shift dresses and $25 beach towels, was wrought with long lines in stores, quick sellouts online and other problems.
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Iconic coffee producer Blue Bottle is merging with Tartine, a small San Francisco bakery with its own cult of fussy foodies.  
Frederick's of Hollywood Group, a Los Angeles lingerie brand that struggled to compete with rival Victoria's Secret, has closed all of its stores and will do business only online.