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AIA tour spotlights six East Bay homes

On Aug. 8, these architect-designed homes will open their doors, allowing viewers an inside look at the transformative power of architects and having the architects themselves on site to discuss designs and answer questions. 
The city stands ready to protect lives and property with coordinated efforts by the fire and police departments, public works, the public safety committee and the city staff. Some of the public safety initiatives will be discussed at the Aug. 13 public safety committee meeting.  
The show is a retrospective of the work of some of the past artists from the Fireside Gallery. Those artists include: Margo Rivera-Weiss, Tree Gelb Stuber, Jacquelyn Stuber, Lili Artel, Eva Pettersson, Dvora Gordon, Arlene Shmaef, Susan Schulman, Naomi Teplow and Rabbi Me'irah Iliinsky.  
PiedmontThe following are highlights from the Piedmont police blotter. For more information, including about other cases, visit the police department at 403 Highland Ave.  
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For as long as I've known him, George Cleve -- the founder, conductor and guiding light of the Midsummer Mozart Festival, which just completed its 41st season -- has been masquerading as a grumpy old man. But I have bad news for him: Nobody is fooled. Nobody has ever been fooled. I mean, if he's such a grouch, how come so many people love him so much?  
The coffee shop (where Emil Villa's once operated) is perched over a greenish pond teeming with waterfowl. I always assumed the lime-colored slime was from runoff created by the nearby golf course, but a science student apparently tested the water and told the baristas the green stuff is duckweed. Duckweed is like a high-energy smoothie for ducks and geese. It's got more protein than soybeans and in some parts of the world, it's a food source for humans.  
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Pinkfoot, a female, domestic short-hair cross torbie kitten, is the East Bay SPCA's pet of the week. This 2-month-old baby kitty is the sweetest you'll ever meet.  
Jon Kawamoto
"Our audiences have told us they'd enjoy seeing some shows that are more adult-oriented, and 'The Producers' certainly fits that bill," said managing director Harriet Schlader. "It's also full of show business in-jokes, silly caricatures and general ridiculousness. People who like to laugh are going to love this show."  
"Leaders of the local council have long been in the forefront of the Scouting movement in advocating removal of restrictions based on sexual orientation," said Anne-Marie Lamarche, president of Piedmont's Boy Scout Council. "Years before laws and lawsuits came on the scene, we called for making Scouting's character development programs available to and inclusive of all who aspire to live by the moral principles of the Scout oath and Scout law. With our board's unanimous approval I wrote to the national BSA leadership in advance of the recent vote to register our strong support for removal of restrictions on chartering organizations from having their units bar adults or youth on the basis of sexual orientation."  
Between El Niño and the drought, the East Bay's natural landscape is filled with oddities these days. Giant purple sea slugs are turning up on the shoreline, birds are migrating months earlier than usual and mammals appear to be few and far between. No place is better to observe these natural shifts than Big Break Regional Shoreline in Oakley. The park offers an ideal vantage point to see how climate change, water policy and natural fluctuations in the weather and currents affect our region.  
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