Internal Affairs: Doing the math on educators' pensions

05/02/2015 04:54 PM PDT
More than 400 retired educators in the Bay Area received annual pension payouts of $100,000 or more in 2014, according to the budget watchdog group Transparent California. 
Gov. Jerry Brown's charities rake in cash through "behested payments'
05/02/2015 04:26 PM PDT - California does not put limits on 'behested payments' -- allowing special interests to give to politicians at will.  

Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff faces recall drive
05/01/2015 06:42 PM PDT - Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff is being targeted for recall by public labor unions, fallout from the Board of Supervisors' failed bid to give themselves a 33 percent raise. 

Judge's tentative ruling to open lawmakers' calendars causes 'great consternation'
05/01/2015 03:05 PM PDT - A groundbreaking tentative court ruling that orders the release of two disgraced state lawmakers' appointment schedules has sparked "great consternation" at the Capitol, an attorney for the Legislature told a judge Friday.  

Richmond set to receive first $11 million from Chevron benefits agreement next month
05/01/2015 02:01 PM PDT - The first portion of Chevron's $90 million community benefits agreement is set to be distributed in June, with money flowing to help local high school graduates be able to afford college. 

Voters deluged with mailers for Bonilla-Glazer special election
05/01/2015 04:47 PM PDT - East Bay political veterans say they've never seen anything like the battle between Susan Bonilla and Steve Glazer leading up to the special election for state Senate on May 19. Some voters have already received 40 mailers from backers of both candidates. 

Chris Christie ally pleads guilty in George Washington Bridge traffic scandal
05/01/2015 09:58 AM PDT - NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- Three former allies of Gov. Chris Christie were charged Friday in the George Washington Bridge traffic jam scandal that has cast a long shadow over Christie's White House prospects, and one of them pleaded guilty. 

New $17 billion Delta tunnels plan with less environmental restoration unveiled by Brown
04/30/2015 08:21 PM PDT - The central purpose of the tunnels plan is to make it easier to move water from Northern California further southward to cities and farms, through the Delta, a vast system of sloughs and wetlands south of Sacramento that is the hub of much of California's water supply.  

Federal court upholds California city's ban on Nativity scene displays
04/30/2015 01:14 PM PDT - A federal appeals court has upheld a decision by a Southern California city that banned unattended Nativity scene displays in a public park.  

Texas governor tells State Guard to monitor Army training
04/30/2015 12:12 PM PDT - Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor a U.S. military training exercise dubbed "Jade Helm 15" amid Internet-fueled suspicions that the war simulation is really a hostile military takeover.