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California's shift toward renewables makes energy harder to manage

Because nearly 23 percent of California's energy now comes from renewable sources such as solar and wind -- and the state is on track to reach its goal of generating one-third of its energy from renewables by 2020 -- the energy has become much harder to manage.  
Richmond: Activists seek reform of Proposition 13 for 'fair' taxes
About 60 people gathered outside the Chevron refinery in Richmond on Thursday to push the refinery to pay more in property taxes, money that would result in more revenues for the city, county and state. 

Contra Costa County tobacco prevention group lauds cities' anti-smoking laws
The Contra Costa County Tobacco Prevention Coalition is recognizing six cities' efforts to reduce exposure to second hand smoke. Over the next month, the coalition will present the "Award for Outstanding Contribution to Tobacco Prevention" to city leaders in Concord, Walnut Creek, El Cerrito, San 

Hayward to provide free chipping to reduce wildfire risk
Hayward is offering free chipping of brush, limbs in high fire risk areas in Hayward, Fairview hills. 

Barnidge: Air district's new refinery regulations leave critics fuming
More required monitoring, causal analysis intended to curtail excess emissions 

Water district board approves recycled water project for Apple Campus 2 and other South Bay sites
The Santa Clara Valley Water District board is expected on Tuesday to approve a $17.5 million project that will deepen the use of recycled water in the parched South Bay and make Apple's futuristic new campus a little bit greener. 

Are slaves catching the fish you buy?
An intricate web of connections separates the fish we eat from the men who catch it, and obscures a brutal truth: Your seafood may come from slaves. 

Despite bird deaths, electric Altamont Pass wind farm wins extension
Altamont Winds given extension until 2018 to build newer safer windmills 

Despite fed assurances, Richmond unconvinced crude transports are safe
Richmond plans to research if it can require a rail line to obtain a land use permit before transporting Bakken crude through the city. 

Bay Point: Removal of 'Shell Pond' polluted soil set to start in April
PG&E is set to begin removing soil containing petroleum hydrocarbons ("carbon black"), metals and other compounds dredged in 2012 from the waste pond about three-quarters of a mile north of Willow Pass Road along the waterfront and trucking it about two miles to the Keller Canyon landfill.  

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Review: 'Get Hard' is not for the sensitive

Stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are a good comedy team, but 'Get Hard' is full of off-color jokes about race and sex that will offend many viewers, and it gets repetitive at times.