PLEASANTON — At a breakfast forum hosted by the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, members asked candidates what the city will be like in 2015.

Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, and her challenger, Steve Brozosky; council members Cindy McGovern and Matt Sullivan and challengers Howard Neely and Jerry Pentin took part in the event moderated by chamber chairman Brad Hirst.

For nearly two hours, candidates answered questions from a crowd of more than 70 people about the city's growing traffic congestion, the two competing hillside initiatives, park maintenance, the proposed extension of Stoneridge Drive, the city's upcoming housing buildout of the voter-approved 29,000 cap and various operating costs.

Hosterman said one of her goals is the completion of Highway 84, which would ease traffic in the city. Brozosky said he would shift more manpower from the city's Planning Department to traffic to handle congestion.

The two competing initiatives to protect the city's hillsides, PP and QQ, were also discussed.Sullivan, McGovern and Brozosky support the citizens-backed PP, while Hosterman, Neely and Pentin support the council-backed QQ.

On park maintenance, Pentin said business owners pay about 60 percent of the cost of those services, via tax money generated by city businesses, and that will still be true by 2015.

With the city anywhere from 1,500 to 2,500 units away from the voter-approved housing cap of 29,000, Pentin said not many more residents will be coming on board to help shoulder the burden.


McGovern said more than nine projects around town have been completed since she started on the council and pointed out that while the 40 parks in the city cost money to maintain, they also generate income.

Sullivan said that with Pleasanton going from a growth and development mode to buildout, the key is to work together to find a way to maintain the city's current quality of life, and that will require long-range planning.

The forum will be aired at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday on Comcast channel 26.

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