HAYWARD — The city is holding a series of public workshops aimed at steering the redevelopment of the area around the South Hayward BART station.

Beginning with an introductory meeting Tuesday night, 19 meetings have been scheduled, starting Wednesday morning and stretching to Sunday evening.

The design process that will be used, called "form-based codes," is a way of focusing on the look and feel of a broad area, using community input to regulate the way that area is developed.

The area being looked at stretches along the Mission Boulevard corridor from Harder Road, to Industrial Parkway, including a large area on both sides of Dixon Street south of the BART station.

That area will be used for a mixed-use project that was unanimously approved by the City Council in March.

It will become a transit-friendly village, with 788 high-density residential units above retail space. More than 200 of those units would be reserved for low-income seniors and families.

The series of meetings — called a charrette — is a first for Hayward, as is the form-based codes model.

At meetings earlier this year on the subject, Councilman Bill Quirk stressed the importance of the public getting involved in mapping out how their city will look.

He said that in coming up with the current South Hayward plan, "the usual suspects" showed up, and not people from the area that would be redeveloped.


The aim of the charrette is to have an intensive visionary process that will bring out design questions and problems and put them before small groups, in the end generating "a plan that integrates the shared values of those participating," according to a city report.

The meetings will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in room 2A at City Hall, 777 B St. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5 p.m., the latest work will be presented to the community.

For a complete schedule, visit www.hayward-ca.gov/info.shtm and click on the "Charrette" link.