Proposition 1A (protect transportation funds) Yes

Proposition 1B ($19.9 billion transportation bond) Yes

Proposition 1C ($2.8 billion housing bond) No

Proposition 1D ($10.4 billion education facility bond) No

Proposition 1E ($4 billion levee, flood protection bond) Yes

Proposition 83 (Sex offender monitoring initiative) No

Proposition 84 ($5.4 water, flood control bond) No

Proposition 85 (parental notification of teen abortion) No

Proposition 86 ($2.60 per pack tax on cigarettes) Yes

Proposition 87 (tax on oil extraction in California) No

Proposition 88 ($50 per year parcel tax for education) No

Proposition 89 (tax on corporations to finance elections) No

Proposition 90 (restrictions on

eminent domain for private property) No


U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lt. Governor John Garamendi

Secretary of State Bruce McPherson

Controller John Chiang

Treasurer Bill Lockyer

Attorney General Jerry Brown

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Sandra K. Bean


Oakland City Council District 2 Pat Kernighan

Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby

Alameda Mayor Doug deHaan

Alameda City Council Frank Matarrese and Lena Tam

Alameda School Board Tracy Lynn Jensen and Mike McMahon

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates

Berkeley City Council Linda Maio, Dona Spring,

Kriss Worthington, Gordon Wozniak

Peralta Community College District Abel Guillen

AC Transit Board At-Large Rebecca Kaplan

Assembly District 14 Loni Hancock

Assembly District 16 Sandre R.



U.S. Rep. District 9 Barbara Lee


Oakland Measure N (library improvement bond) No

Oakland Measure O (instant runoff elections) Yes

Oakland Measure M (police, fire retirement fund) Yes

Berkeley Measure A (school district tax) Yes