The San Mateo man who offered to pay for the expenses racked up during the San Mateo County sheriff's now-infamous April trip to Las Vegas revoked his gift on Friday, saying he felt slighted and ignored by county officials.

"I walk in with money, nobody calls me," resident David Katz said Friday. "Everybody needs to go back to San Francisco State and go to Public Relations 101 and 102."

Katz, 52, had pledged to pay the $9,475 cost incurred by the county, mostly from the use of 11 county vehicles, when 54 county employees went to the Baker to Las Vegas Challenge Cup Relay footrace.

The trip made headlines because of an incident after the race, when Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were briefly detained during a police sting of a suspected brothel. Munks, 52, later admitted he was inside the building but said he did not break any laws and "believed (he) was going to a legitimate business. It was not."

Munks and Bolanos, 48, have said little about the incident since. A San Carlos car salesman has said he plans to initiate a petition to recall Munks from office.

Katz, who runs the ACE Homework Help tutoring business, delivered a $1,000 down payment to Supervisor Jerry Hill's office on June 2 and said he would pay the rest in $175 monthly installments. He believed the county's two top cops should not be tried in the court of public opinion and said his payment should take the county's mind off the money.

The plan hit a snag when a lawyer representing Katz's estranged sister asked the county to hold off on cashing the check.


Katz said there is a family dispute over the use of his share of a $2.6 million inheritance from his father but insists the $1,000 would have been paid out of his own income from tutoring.

The deal turned sour for good, Katz said, when Hill, Supervisor Rich Gordon and other county officials never called to thank Katz or invite him out for coffee.

"... the opportunity to share my, and/or our, wealth with you is hereby REVOKED for the following reason (s): General discourtesy shown to me as a taxpayer /constituent," Katz wrote in a letter to officials on Friday.

Assistant County Counsel Mike Murphy said his office had held on to the check while the family feud was being sorted out. Donations need to be approved by the Board of Supervisors if they amount to more than $2,500, Murphy said.

Supervisor Gordon said he didn't think it was appropriate to contact Katz until the County Counsel had decided whether it was appropriate to accept the money.

"Our lawyers here are deliberate, and I actually appreciate that, because it keeps everybody out of trouble," Gordon said. "You couldn't really respond until you got that done."

Hill was in Los Angeles and was unavailable for comment.

Katz, for his part, said he will now put the money toward services for the homeless. He said he also has a plan to provide health insurance for the uninsured.

"It's like taking the football and going home. It's like taking the soccer ball and going home," Katz said. "So we go home and find another group."

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