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Letters to the Editor
State was right The state was correct by revoking tax-exempt status for Blue Shield. I don't know how well the government investigates organizations for tax-exempt status, but they sure dropped the ball in the case of Blue Shield spending millions for football tickets at the 49ers' Levi's Stadium.  
Urban forests lovely, but also dangerousThe author of the March 20 My Word, "We must save the trees along the East Bay hillsides," complains that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and regional officials plan to clear-cut 100,000 trees in the Oakland and Berkeley hills even though thousands of comments  
Tabs should be kept on Fire Department plansRecent articles and editorials show concern by people in Alameda: The mayor is concerned about the cost of the proposed fire station (that's her job).  
We must learn from New York tragedyToday I have learned a lesson from someone's tragedy.Seven very young children died because of a religious tradition.  
Prevention key to firefightingWe as the board for Friends of Montclair RR Trail park volunteers are concerned about what the City will do to prevent wildfire and to protect the residents and properties in the Oakland hills.  
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