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Letters to the Editor
City's leaders must display leadershipI couldn't believe Fremont city leaders voted to proceed in a $205,700 sculpture being placed on the corner of Stevenson Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway.  
Voter IDs are about stopping fraudThis is regarding President Barack Obama speaking at Al Sharpton's National Action Network conference accusing the GOP of trying to restrict voting rights for black Americans and minorities.  
System isn't fair, we need flat income taxI do not think that the U.S. system of taxation is fair when approximately 50 percent of the population pay no income taxes at all, and a portion even get a refund even though they have paid no taxes.  
Officials must expand public health fundingThanks to the paper for covering the recent meeting of California TB controllers, which was held in Oakland on World TB Day, March 26.  
Shouldn't try teen in adult court systemThis is regarding the teen boy in Pennsylvania who created destruction and near death in his high school with two knives.  
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