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Letters to the Editor
Concerns really get heard in HaywardThe main street in our neighborhood became a hazard as cars would speed up to 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Thus, we realized it was time to ask the city of Hayward for a solution to the speeding, and we filed a petition for speeds humps.  
Charity really should begin here at homeI agree with the author of the May 12 letter, "First, must take care of America's citizens." I, too, feel the U.  
Grow crops that are right for our climateThe state should not continue to waste our tax dollars on planning the terribly costly, environmentally damaging and disruptive huge twin tunnels to funnel water from the Sacramento River directly to Valley agribusiness and Southern California.  
Thanks to everyone who's backed schoolOn behalf of Bay Farm's middle school program, we would like to thank the parents, teachers, volunteers, school staff and community members who have supported and enabled us to provide a vibrant middle school environment and rigorous education for our students.  
Hypocrisy to license and register cyclistsThe author of "Cyclists should be licensed, have to register with state," May 15, has some good observations, but seems to miss the big picture.  
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