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Letters to the Editor
Use money from PG&E to install needed valvesI do believe the $1.6 billion penalty imposed on PG&E for the San Bruno explosion and fire is fair.  
Not taking adequate care of Lake MerrittWhile comments in the April 1 guest commentary, "Disorderly acts at Lake Merritt will spawn violence," may have come across curmudgeonly to others, a major point is being missed; that the uptick in park use at Lake Merritt is threatening the health of the  
Developing old base a worthy endeavorAfter decades of public debate on the future of Alameda Point and a laudable community planning process, Alameda is finally in the late stages of negotiating the specifics of the first portion of the community plan for Site A on the old naval air station.  
Save planet Earth -- quit animal productsThe new water-saving regulations are a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to the water that can be saved through changing our food choices.  
Coverage of Oakland A's should be betterDid the Giants move to Oakland? That's the only possible explanation for the Oakland Tribune and East Bay papers to dedicate half of the content on the front page and another significant chunk of the front page of the sports section to the Giants' home  
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